(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Lian Weihong was arrested on the evening of November 10, 2015 in her residential community and her home was ransacked.

Police raided her office and confiscated her computer, printer, Falun Gong books, office materials and some personal property the following morning.

She went on a hunger strike in the detention center and on her sixth day.

Supervisors Ask for Release

Ms. Lian Weihong is the chief of finance at the Urban Administration Bureau of Yuzhou City, Henan Province.

She follows the Falun Gong principles “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” and refuses to accept bribes or gifts. She is an honest, hard working government official, something seldom seen in China nowadays.

Her colleagues and supervisors were infuriated after witnessing police ransack her office and hearing of her arrest.

One of them said, “Our chief of finance is a good person! Why was she arrested? What a nasty age we are now in! What's wrong with being a good person?”

One of the bureau officials asked the police to release her.

Retaliatory Action

Informants said that police officers from the Yuzhou City Domestic Security Division and the Guolianxiang Police Station conspired to arrest Ms. Lian Weihong.

One month ago the police station received a letter from Falun Gong practitioners. The station's video camera recorded Ms. Lian Weihong's license plate on that day, making her a suspect. Police believe that she drove the car to the police station with another practitioner Ms. Ji Chou, who dropped off the letter.

Ms. Ji Chou was arrested on the morning of November 10. Actually, Ms. Ji Chou did not go to the Guolian Police Station on the day that the letter was delivered.

Ms. Lian Weihong is now detained in the Yuzhou City Detention Center and Ms. Ji Chou in the Xuchang City Detention Center.

Ms. Lian Weihong's Current Status

Ms. Lian refused to answer questions when interrogated. She went on a hunger strike to protest her arrest and detention on November 14, and was violently force-fed. Her friends, relatives and colleague are very concerned about her health, as she did not eat and drink for six days.

Partial list of the persecutors of Ms. Lian and Ms. Ji

Officials who handle the caseXiao Yuxiao, Geng Songtao, Mao Zhifeng and Li Ziran

Yuzhou City Domestic Security DivisionXiao Yuxiao, chief, +86-137-00895361Geng Songtao, deputy chief: +86-135-69946697, +86-188-39906672Zhao Naicheng, captain: +86-137-00899351, +86-188-39905589

Guolianxiang Police StationMao Zhifeng, superintendent: +86-139-49828779Zhang Xing, deputy superintendent: +86-188-39906299Li Ziran, deputy superintendent: +86-188-39906297

Yuzhou City Detention Center
Office: +86-0374-8199719
Wang Ziyuan, chief, detention center: +86-188-39906817Dong Jianbin, secretary, CCP branch: +86-13903998818, +86-18839906819An Huiying, deputy chief: +86-138-49853613, +86-18839906816Huang Gengqin, deputy chief: +86-135-03898389