(Minghui.org) Mr. Xu Zhihua was arrested for talking to passengers about Falun Gong on the afternoon of October 15, 2015. His home was ransacked the next day. Currently, he is held at the Jinzhou City Detention Center on a 15-day term.

Mr. Xu, 62, is a resident of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. Before practicing Falun Gong, he had a bad temper and liked drinking, smoking, and gambling.

His vasculitis was healed and he stopped indulging in bad habits as a result of practicing Falun Gong. His neighbors and wife and son said he became a new person. However, he suffered severely in Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong.

In March 2003, officers from the Juliangtun Township Police Station and Yi County Domestic Security Division trespassed onto his property by climbing over a wall and stormed into his home. Mr. Xu Zhihua was arrested without a warrant and taken to the Yi County Detention Center where he was held for 24 days.

Mr. Xu was forced to stand for long periods of time or sit on a tiny stool as a form of torture. The guards also ordered inmates to beat him, and the police extorted 220 yuan from his family when Mr. Xu was released.

Niu Hong and six officers from the Juliangtun Township Police Station ransacked Mr. Xu's home in June 2005. They confiscated all his Dafa books, and two officers arrested Mr. Xu without a warrant. When Mr. Xu was taken to the police station, Niu Hong threatened that he would be taken to prison if Mr. Xu did not cooperate.

Mr. Xu managed to escape shortly after being interrogated. He left home to avoid further arrest and was displaced for over five months.

The police went to harass him in January 2006. They ransacked his home but did not find anything they could use as “evidence.” They said, “It's simple: If you do not practice Falun Gong, you won't get arrested.”

In August 2008, Zhao Zhenfang and Jiang Cheng led officers to arrest Mr. Xu at his home. They trespassed onto his property by climbing over a wall and broke down his door. He was taken to the Yi County Detention Center and soon transferred to the Jinzhou City Labor Camp, where he was held for three months. Later, he was taken to the Masanjia Labor Camp in Shenyang, where he was held for one year and nine months.

During harvest season, his wife was unable to manage their farm without her husband's support. The field of watermelon crops, valued over 40,000 yuan, had to rot away. Their bee business, which was valued over 20,000 yuan, was substantially reduced and later sold for 2,000 yuan.

Following his mistreatment at Masanjia, Mr. Xu had all his teeth removed for dentures on August 7, 2008. However, he was soon arrested again and taken to the Yi County Detention Center.

In October 2008, Mr. Xu was arrested and taken to Masanjia Labor Camp again where he was closely monitored for three months. He was forced to sit on a small plastic stool and watch slanderous programs about Falun Gong for over 10 hours each day. In addition, he was beaten with electronic batons and tortured by the “Hanging Up” method.

Three months later, Mr. Xu was subjected to forced labor for over 10 hours a day. His detention work hours were extended when he was unable to finish the required work, which happened frequently. Mr. Xu was also not allowed to use the restroom.

Yu Shuhua, the director of the township police station, led seven police officers to ransack Mr. Xu's home in the spring of 2012. After confiscating some Falun Gong materials, he threatened Mr. Xu. “This is the evidence,” Yu said. “I can sentence you to prison whenever I want.”