(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa was introduced to the world 23 years ago, in China. While practitioners overseas can freely join group exercise classes and group Fa study, this has been almost impossible inside China, after the persecution started in July 1999.

The annual China Fahui (experience-sharing conference) on the Minghui.org website has therefore become a valuable platform for practitioners in China to share cultivation experiences. The 12th China Fahui this year began on November 2, 2015, and 53 articles have been published.

Some practitioners shared how they cultivated solidly while saving people, and some told how their strong faith in Master and Dafa helped them to overcome tribulations. Others spoke about how they benefitted from looking within to improve their xinxing when experiencing conflicts, and some shared how they gained a better understanding of the Fa through more Fa study.

Even though practitioners come from various professions and different social backgrounds, they have shown how they selflessly cooperate well with each other. With compassion and righteous thoughts, they are able to save people and validate the Fa.

Moved by the sincerity and pure hearts of the Chinese practitioners, many overseas practitioners have benefited significantly through reading these articles. Below are some examples.

Being More Considerate of Others

Ms. Liao, coordinator of a Dafa project outside of China, is thankful for the opportunity to read sharings from practitioners in China. She was especially touched by one article on “coordination.”

“Because of the intense suppression in China,” she said, “Coordination work there has lots of challenges and risks. I am impressed how this practitioner was always able to look within and be considerate of others.”

Coordinators often have a strong sense of ownership of their projects, and expect others to provide timely support. “But this practitioner,” she added, “Is aware of the difficulty that others experience, and immediately looked inward when issues arose or projects seemed to stall.”

A practitioner who was the decision-maker for one project, was also working as a team member for another project. “In fact, all practitioners have some coordination role, as they need to work well with others for things to get done smoothly,” she said.

Regarding another aspect Mr. Liao learned from the article, she said, “It highlights the importance for us to work together as one body.” The coordinator not only planned well for his own region, but also distributed Falun Dafa informational materials, and helped other areas by sending forth righteous thoughts.

Jiang Fan, coordinator of the Divine Land Marching Band in Toronto, said that the sharing articles were well written, and he was deeply moved by them. “I can tell that these practitioners are very determined in cultivation,” he said, “And they have a strong faith in Master. Therefore, their righteous thoughts are very strong.”

Jiang also spoke about the article on “coordination.” He said, “It was through continued Fa-study and looking inward that he was able to break through these conflicts. During the process, he also learned to be more considerate of others.” Jiang said that overseas coordinators would benefit a lot from such experience sharings.

Memorizing the Fa

Annie, a salesperson for a media company, said that she often had tears in her eyes while reading the articles. “What touched me the most,” she said, “Was an article in which a practitioner spent a lot of effort memorizing the book Zhuan Falun over the past 11 years. Her health improved over the years, and she was able to recognize many human notions, and eliminate them.”

Annie said that she had been practicing Falun Dafa for nearly 20 years, and also wanted to memorize Zhuan Falun. But she always stopped because of interference, laziness, and a lack of perseverance.

“I had a major tribulation in August related to illness karma,” Annie commented. “It was difficult for me, considering I had not been able to memorize Zhuan Falun even once. I asked Master to help me and give me another chance.”

Reading about how the Chinese practitioner was able to overcome various kinds of challenges to memorize the Fa and do the three things well, Annie said that she could see her own loopholes, and would try harder to memorize Zhuan Falun.

Alice Huang, who began practicing in 1998, said, “I read this article three times and now know why I did poorly in Fa-study.” She said that the practitioner in the article had put her heart into it, and really acted according to the Fa. “Although I have studied the Fa many times, and also looked within,” she said, “There were times my thoughts were limited to lower levels of Fa understandings.”

One example was memorizing “On Dafa” she said. “Although I could recite it well, and my mouth was saying the words, my heart was not really in it. That is the biggest difference between me and that practitioner. That is why I could not recite the rest of Zhuan Falun. Now I know how I can do better.”

Paying Attention to the Small Things

Mr. Zhang, also from Toronto, is a journalist. He learned a lot from the story of a practitioner in Northeast China.

That practitioner used to have a bad temper and didn't get along well with her husband and in-laws. Practicing Falun Gong helped her improve her relationship with family members. However, she was still reluctant to change her attitude towards her husband, as she considered herself to be superior and highly educated.

She therefore had many negative thoughts about him, even though she didn't argue with him. It took two years and many tribulations to realize that these thoughts were wrong. Interestingly, after she changed her attitude, the things that annoyed her about her husband diminished.

Mr. Zhang said he had a similar experience. “We have many habits and human notions. I have gotten used to them, as if they are part of me. That is wrong because we need to follow the Fa, not our human notions and attachments.”

Master's Arrangements Are the Best

Chrisy from Canada said that she learned a lot from the article, “Happily Walking on the Path Arranged by Master,” as it helped her when talking to people about Falun Dafa.

Chrisy went to visit a woman from Hong Kong, on business. “But on the way to her place,” she said, “I was somewhat worried. Many people in Hong Kong have been deeply influenced by the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda against Falun Dafa. What if she misunderstands us and treats me badly?”

Upon further reflection, she realized that everyone came for the Fa, and this may be the only opportunity for her to listen to the truth. She continued, “I also know that Master will be helping me.”

When she arrived at the woman's place, Chrisy felt calm and was ready to tell her about Falun Dafa, as she knew the result would be good. The woman seemed interested, and after a long discussion, accepted Dafa informational materials.

“The entire process went very well,” Chrisy explained, “Now I know that as long as we follow the Fa, things will be just fine. This is because Master's arrangements are the best.”