(Minghui.org) I was divorced in 1991. My ex-husband took with him all the valuables and cash, leaving me only a few pieces of wood furniture in a rental house with a soon-to-be-expired contract.

I was introduced to a good, honest, and competent businessman with a one-year-old son four years later. Friends and relatives advised me against marrying him.

His parents told us, “If you are too busy managing your business, the child can stay with us in our farm. We will take care of him.”

I thought, “It’s not right for the child to stay back in the countryside while his father lives in the city and his mother has never once come to see him since his parents divorce. Besides the child's grandmother had health problems. If I let my conscience guide me, I should have no problem looking after him and treating him as my own.”

So, I took over the care of the child from the day I married his father.

How I Was Estranged from My Stepson

I didn’t expect this child would give me so much worry. He became a little bully in school early on. Nobody would dare to offend him. He started smoking in the fourth grade. He often hung out with some of the community punks. Whenever he saw something he liked or wanted, he would take it by force or by stealth. He never spent any time on his studies. He dropped out of school completely two months into junior high.

His father and I tried many different ways to intervene. We solicited outside help. Nothing worked.

The family business was doing well, and every five or six days we had to restock our goods, so there was always some ready cash around at home. My stepson would help himself to whatever he found, sometimes about 30 to 50 yuan, sometimes as much as 500 or 600 yuan.

Finally, we had to resort to hiding the cash in different places, but somehow our son could always figure out where to look. We were running out of ideas.

Truth be told, I had contemplated ending my life many times over this child. But, I had already been divorced once, and if I were to divorce again because I couldn’t handle a child, wouldn’t I become a laughing stock?

As a stepmother, I felt I had to work a little harder, so I took good care of my stepson and tried to meet his every need. When he started to show signs of bad behavior, I reasoned with him over and over again, but with no result. He just got rapidly worse.

My father passed away in 1991. The only thing he left me was 52 yuan in cash. These were all newly minted bills in one or two yuan denominations.

In 2001, each new bill had appreciated in value with some one yuan bills capable of getting 30 yuan. But, I never considered selling the bills for profit. I wanted to keep them as mementos as they were gifts from my father.

I never could have imagined that these bills would also fall into my stepson’s hands. When I discovered my loss, I was so infuriated that I went crazy and gave him a couple of resounding slaps across his face. He threatened to get a gun and shoot me dead.

In desperation, I decided to go on the railroad tracks and let a passing train end my misery.

How Master and Dafa Saved Me

For most of that night, I paced back and forth on the tracks, or laid down on them when I got too tired. I was crying and calling out to all the gods in heaven and earth to help me out and give me a quick death.

But the gods must have had other plans. For close to three hours, not a single train went by.

Eventually, I heard my husband crying and calling for me. With him was a small group of people. When he finally saw me, he ran over to where I was as fast as he could. Then, he was hugging me tight and sobbing with relief.

My life was spared, but my relationship with my stepson was hopelessly estranged.

My body had also taken a toll from all the years of mental anguish over my stepson. I came down with severe endocrine disorders and extreme hypertension. The doctor ordered me to stay in bed or risk cerebral hemorrhage.

I also suffered from serious insufficiency of cerebral blood supply. I had breast hyperplasia. Migraines would cause constant unbearable pain to half my face. Toothaches would often keep me awake all night. At 260 pounds, I was also way overweight.

I felt I was living a life worse than death.

Since the beginning of 1993, several people had mentioned Falun Gong to me off and on. Before that, I had spent quite a bit of money to learn a type of qigong. I didn’t get cured but ended up with spirit possession. I consequently swore off qigong completely.

One August day in 1993, 21 days after I had been hospitalized and had just received devastating news that my body had produced the capacity to resist medication, a Falun Gong practitioner intern who had talked to me about Falun Gong several times before, stopped by my bedside and said to me, “Only Falun Gong can save you now. It truly possesses miraculous healing power and it won’t cost you any money. Here’s a Falun Gong book. Read it. It’ll do you good.”

That was how I picked up the Falun Gong book Zhuan Falun. I read as much as I could everyday. When I finished, I read it again a second time. By the time I read it through the third time, I seemed to understand why things happened in my life the way they did. I began to look at things from a different perspective.

One day, four months after I started Falun Gong practice, my husband phoned me from out of town to say his friend wanted to know what kind of medicine I took to cure my breast hyperplasia.

That’s when I suddenly realized all my pain was gone. Toothaches, migraines, and stiffness of the joints were no more. Without my having been fully aware of it, Dafa has blessed me with a new, disease-free body!

How Master and Dafa Saved My Stepson

I have no words to thank Master and Dafa. Dafa has given me the chance of a new life. I trusted that Dafa would help me salvage the estranged relationship with my stepson and help him straighten out his life.

Whenever I had an opportunity, I would share what I learned and experienced with my stepson. I gave him videos of Master’s lectures for him to watch. Slowly, my stepson started to change. He stopped all dubious dealings with community punks. Gradually, he was willing to come home for visits. Money lying around no longer disappeared. Eventually, he became honest, hardworking, gentle, and kind.

My stepson met a young lady in 2009. As time passed, their affection toward each other grew by leaps and bounds.

While I was happy for my stepson, I also thought that, as a Dafa disciple, I have an obligation to make sure people around me walk the right path. I would often remind my stepson to treat the young lady respectfully and responsibly, and to be mindful that there are certain behaviors unmarried couples shouldn’t engage in.

I was once having the same conversation with my stepson when, all of a sudden, with eyes filled with tears, he confided in me, “Mother, you don’t have to worry one bit about that. I can’t do the thing that you’ve constantly warned me not to do.”

His words took me by surprise. I found out that he was suffering from some male problems, that he constantly felt very weak and lethargic, and that his lower back bothered him a lot with frequent lumbar pain.

I was very concerned. Something was definitely wrong. So, that night, I gave a call to a former classmate who had been a doctor for 20 years, and asked for her advice.

She told me, “That is indeed something serious. That can’t be treated at the local hospitals. I’ll give you a recommendation for your son to contact the Shenyang Medical University for an immediate check up. He would need a comprehensive examination. Please do not delay.”

A few days later, after a series of reproductive and hematology examinations, my son was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. According to the doctor, chronic prostatitis is not terminal, but treatment is a slow process.

We were given a month's supply of medicine. But the medicine made my stepson’s condition worse. We tried several other drugs, but, after many more months, nothing worked.

One day, my stepson came home before his workday was over. Crying, he said to me, “Mother, I can’t work anymore. I can’t even stand. I have no energy. My lumbar is killing me…”

I promptly responded, “You quit your job right now. We don’t need you to earn money. We can afford to take care of you. Come home and stay with us so you can rest and recuperate.”

From the moment I discovered my child was sick, I had thought about persuading him to practice Falun Gong, as I knew only Dafa could cure him and root out whatever was ailing him. But, I didn’t want him to think I was too cheap or uncaring to spend money on his medical treatments.

I reminded him how I used to be sickly and how practicing Falun Gong had changed all that, but he was still a bit skeptical.

I assured him, “I will not lie to you. I have no reason to lie to you. I’m your mother. Trust me. Why don’t you stay home and use the time to read all the Falun Gong materials you can find. They will do you good.”

And so, my stepson started studying the Fa.

He took the initiative to learn the exercises with me a few days later. About 10 days later, he quietly threw away all his medicine.

Twenty or so days later, he told me in excitement, “Mother, I’m cured! I'm completely cured!”

There’s no words to describe the joy we experienced together. Only 20 days into Falun Gong practice, my lethargic stepson was like a new person!

He’s now married and has a child almost three and a half years old. People praise him as kind, generous, and upright. I told them that all thanks go to Falun Dafa.

How Master and Dafa Saved My Husband

Six years before I started practicing Falun Gong, my husband suddenly lost his physiological function. At first, we were not too concerned. But, increasingly, he experienced backache, leg pain, and lack of energy. He would frequently wake up in the morning with his bedding all wet. Eventually, blood appeared in his urine.

We resorted to ultrasound, CT, blood test, urine analysis, and all types of Western investigative methods but couldn’t determine the cause of my husband’s problems. One doctor said it was this kidney deficiency, another doctor said it was that kidney deficiency.

For four years, we checked out Chinese medicine, Western medicine, health products, a witch doctor… None provided much improvement. Finally, my husband said, “That’s it for me! No more medical intervention! If I die, I die.”

Six months after I started practicing Falun Gong, my husband grabbed my arms one night and said, “My problems are all gone!”

I looked at him without comprehension. He assured me, “It’s real! Masters cured me last night!”

He proceeded to tell me about his dream.

“I was watching a video of Master’s lecture with a lot of other people. After a while, I felt chills in my lumbar region and noticed pus seeping out from somewhere around my waist. I began to feel enveloped by a gradual warmth. Then, I saw Master picking up a bowl filled with my pus and putting it to His mouth. I tried to stop him from drinking that nasty stuff, but I was too late. Master emptied the bowl quickly, and just as quickly my body felt a warm energy and it felt so good!

How Master and Dafa Saved Me from the Persecution

A Falun Gong practitioner being traced by the police under orders from the Communist Party dropped by to pay me a visit in 2013. Right after he left, about 15 police officers broke into my house. The police chief ordered them to take me away.

In the confusion, I must have lost consciousness. But my mind was crystal clear, and I could hear and feel everything.

The whole bunch of them couldn’t handle my dead weight. So they called for an ambulance. The medics loaded me onto a stretcher and carted me to the waiting vehicle.

On the way in the ambulance, I heard someone say to the police chief, “This old woman has been in a coma all this time. Her life could be in danger!”

The police chief kept telephoning for instruction, and then ordered, “Take her first to the police department.”

When we arrived at the police department, I heard the police head saying, “Hurry up and measure her blood pressure.” A voice announced after a bit, “Her blood pressure is very good.” Then, somebody marveled, “It is amazing! Look at her age. Look at her weight. And her blood pressure can be so good!”

When I heard the exchange, I was so excited. I had high blood pressure for 30 years, but after I started practicing Falun Gong, I have never been to the hospital or have had my blood pressure checked. To hear that my blood pressure was good was truly marvelous news.

So, I sat up and proclaimed, “This is the magic of Falun Gong! I practiced Falun Gong because of hypertension.”

I then proceeded to tell those present about all the physical and mental changes my family and I have experienced and the blessings my family and I have received in the years we have been practicing Falun Dafa. Everybody was listening attentively.

At two o'clock early the next day, I was sent to the City Detention Center. All the time, I continued to seek Master’s help.

At the detention center, as part of the admission procedure, my blood pressure was checked again. Surprisingly, it had inexplicably risen dangerously high.

The detention center did not dare to admit me. The center doctor was ordered to check again. In a little over an hour, he measured my blood pressure several times. Each time the level fluctuated, and each time it remained high.

Finally, the doctor was frustrated and complained aloud, “The local police must be desperate to arrest Falun Gong practitioners. This lady is so old and so plump. Her blood pressure is so unsteady. Her life could be in danger. I absolutely refuse to have her admitted. Whoever wants to take her can take her.”

And so, with Master's compassionate arrangement, I was back home later that morning and my blood pressure went back to normal.

I’ve personally experienced Dafa’s miracles. I sincerely wish those who have been deceived by the lies of the Communist Party to wake up and not miss their opportunity to learn the truth about Falun Dafa!

Remember, "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" These golden words will bring you Dafa’s blessings!