(Minghui.org) I've noticed that some practitioners are easily disturbed by what is going on in everyday society. I would like to share that such attachments are harmful and that we should let go of these human notions.

We have seen many lessons like this in the past. For example, several months before the persecution started in 1999, many practitioners hoped the then premier would do something on our behalf and lessen the interference with Falun Gong. After Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao took power in 2002, some practitioners expected them to curb the persecution.

None of this happened.

Some practitioners have now turned to the current Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, especially after he announced he would abolish the forced labor camp system and has acted against corrupt officials. Instead of looking within to improve ourselves and save people, these practitioners count on external changes from society. This type of pursuit is very dangerous, because it weakens our own efforts and may push everyday society to become more complicated.

It is true that the forced labor camp system no longer exists. But now the number of practitioners being sentenced to prison is on the rise. In addition, reports from Minghui indicate that the persecution still persists throughout China and that new cases continue to be exposed. Overseas spying activities by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) also have not ceased.

All this tells us that the communist regime is still suppressing Falun Gong, regardless of Xi's efforts. We practitioners should not be attached to this. If you are a government employee in China, you can still do your job, but you need to be clear on our mission to save people. You must put solid effort into this.

The CCP will disintegrate, because it has suppressed Falun Gong and practitioners. This is inevitable, but we practitioners should not be attached to it, otherwise interference may arise.

As practitioners, we should follow the Fa, cultivate well, and fulfill our mission to save people.