(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. During the 19 years of my cultivation, I have experienced joy when I practiced diligently, dismay when I was not doing so well, and distress when I was getting rid of attachments. But one thing is clear: Whenever I do something with complete belief in Master Li and the Fa, I will do it successfully.

Chinese Communist Party's Key Word Censorship Fails in My Hands

I opened a small shop three miles from my home a few years ago. I use my time as I walk to the shop to send short text messages to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and save sentient beings.

The CCP's Internet police block key words in text messages sent via mobile phones to prevent any information being spread about Falun Gong. Even the words “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” cannot be sent. Minghui issued a brochure with instructions on how to get around the key word filtering. I followed it, but I could not work out how to use it well, because adding other symbols or changing how things were expressed would confuse readers.

I bought a new cell phone and SIM card. I tried to send a short Falun Gong message, but it ended up a “delivery failure.” I tried again and failed again. I got scared. I took out the battery and pulled out the SIM, because I thought my phone was being tracked and monitored. I bought another SIM and tried to send a message again, but I got the same delivery failure message. I threw this SIM card away as well.

I thought, "I cannot send messages like this." I calmed down and realized that my mentality of fear was not right. My hands even trembled as I sent out the message. I bought a new SIM card and thought about how I should send out messages.

One day I recalled what Master Li taught us in Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe in 1998:

“Bricks and concrete, composed of the layer of the largest molecules, can’t confine you since the layer of the largest molecules in your body has completely transformed into high-energy matter; the layers of smaller molecules in your body, below the largest one, aren’t obstructed by them. It’s just like air being able to pass through a piece of cloth when you blow at it. It means that you could pass through.”

I understood from this passage that the characters in Falun Dafa have the strongest energy and are like the smallest particles, which can pass through any life or material. How could the text messages not be sent out? Who would be able to block them?

I inserted a new SIM card into my cellphone and composed a short, straightforward message without considering that any key words could be blocked. The message read: “Please remember Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. You will be safe and overcome any disasters in the future.”

I pressed "send," and the message was delivered successfully. I then programmed the phone to automatically send out the message. I continued walking to my shop. More than 160 messages had been sent successfully by the time I arrived. I sent another 200 messages on my way home in the evening.

I enlightened from this experience that nothing is impossible to accomplish when I completely believe in Master Li and Dafa and think of saving sentient beings and validating Dafa. We are obstructed by human notions and attachments. But we must follow the Minghui notices for safety reasons, because we cannot keep sufficient righteous thoughts at every moment.

Plainclothes Officers Forget Their Intention

My daughter and I rode a motorcycle to a wealthy community to distribute materials about Falun Gong one summer evening a few years ago. On our way home, I heard a loud sound, as if something had fallen off our motorcycle. I turned to look and saw a black sedan following us. We were going less than 20 miles an hour, and the car was keeping pace with us.

I slowed down even more, then stopped by the side of the road. The car slowed down and stopped in front of us. I realized that someone had reported me.

I was a little nervous and did not dare to move on, so I walked back and pretended to be looking for something. I recalled that, as I distributed the materials, I had been fearful someone might follow me. It was this mentality of fear that the old forces had taken advantage of.

I found my attachment, but the car was still there. I said to Master Li in my mind, “Master, someone wants to do something bad. Please reinforce my righteous thoughts so he cannot succeed.”

All four car doors opened. Four men got out laughing loudly. They walked over to a tree and started urinating. It was before 10 p.m. in the summer, so it was still light out and many people were passing by. The men were shameless before the passersby. I thought it must have been because of my request to Master Li. My righteous thoughts had made them confused and they had forgotten their intention.

My daughter and I quickly got on our motorcycle and left. I returned home safely. Thank you, Master Li, for your protection!

Removing a Poster Slandering Dafa

I filed a lawsuit last year against my employer for the persecution I suffered. I sent several open letters. The administrators attempted to persecute me again, but they failed due to Master Li's protection and fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts.

They then had a big poster made that defamed Falun Dafa and put it up on a billboard. The poster had a phone number to call and encouraged residents to report people who distributed Falun Gong materials or letters.

Everyone knew it was because I had filed a lawsuit, although the poster did not mention my name. I understood it was because of my attachment to fighting.

Fellow practitioners thought the poster was a trap and that we should not attempt to remove it, because someone would likely be keeping watch nearby. Two or three days passed.

Several of us twice attempted to open the billboard's glass door to remove the poster, but the door was locked and the aluminum frame was sturdy. The billboard was out in the open. During the day many people pass by, and the place was well lit at night. Video cameras were installed all around. Two police vehicles were parked in front.

We were anxious but did not know what to do except to send righteous thoughts. The poster in that residential area could mislead whoever saw it. And it was shameful for us practitioners. My husband asked sarcastically, “What can you do? Are you embarrassed?”

His words made me have stronger righteous thoughts. All my improper thoughts were gone. I did not say a word but thought the poster had to be gone by the next day. I decided to remove it after midnight.

I got up a little after 2 a.m. and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate my attachments of fighting and fear. I said to Master Li in my mind, “Master, I am going to remove the poster. I cannot let it mislead people. I want to remove it in the shortest time and not damage the lock or the glass.”

I put on shoes with soft soles and left the house quietly with a screwdriver. I planned to unscrew all the screws first to remove the frame. But the billboard was taller than me. It would take over half an hour to remove all the screws one by one, not to mention that I would not be able to reach the top of the frame. I also risked making noise that would alert the security personnel or residents nearby.

Master Li allowed me to recall the first time I had removed posters by prying open the lower part of the frame. I squatted and pried the lower part of the frame open while pulling the glass door gently. The glass door opened without a sound. I quickly grabbed the lower corners of the poster and pulled it down, then closed the door.

The lock and glass were intact. I did everything while squatting, so even though a police vehicle was parked in front, nobody had seen me. The recording on the video cameras would only show that the glass door opened by itself, the poster was pulled down, and the door closed. It took me less than a minute.

Nobody came to ask me about the poster. The billboard was eventually covered with other posters much later.

Anything can be accomplished when one believes in Master Li and Dafa.