(Minghui.org) Cultivation for Falun Dafa practitioners requires the individual who follows the Dafa principles, to look inward, and live by the principles at all times.

I think that there are two kinds of thoughts: righteous thoughts, which are developed through diligent cultivation, and evil thoughts, which arise when the practitioner does not meet the requirements of Dafa, or from demonic interference.

I therefore try to remember to compare all thoughts with the Fa, which can solve them instantly. One will know whether or not one’s thoughts conform to Dafa at one’s cultivation level. The key is remembering to compare your thoughts with the Fa.

Attachment to Conclusion of Fa-Rectification

The attachment to the conclusion of the Fa-rectification may depend on the root of the thought. If you know you cannot reach consummation, you would not expect a conclusion, because you would not know that all that is to be done would be concluded by that time. Most likely, only those who think they cultivate well and can return to “heaven” upon the conclusion have this thought or expectation.

We know that Dafa is boundless. How does one feel when he is cultivating well? Actually the root cause for this thought is that he may not be looking inward. Only those not looking inward may feel they cultivate well.

Genuine practitioners always find problems, as there is high-level Fa at higher realms. They find their shortcomings because they understand the high-level Fa. They move up diligently in levels. How can they feel well in cultivation?

Is the thought of cultivating well a strong attachment? Is this the prelude of breeding demons in one’s mind?

I read an article that told of a former fellow practitioner who quit cultivating because of his attachment to time. He said, “Master said the Fa-rectification would end soon. But it never ends.”

I felt regret for him. Therefore, I will share my thoughts on this issue. I think there are three meanings:

1. Master Li said:

“Soon the Fa-rectification that Dafa is doing in the cosmos will draw to a close.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York”)

I don't think Master refers to this earth's time.

Master also said,

“...my Fa-rectification has only been ten-plus years. Think about it, isn't that fast? It's actually very fast--all of this is done in the time it takes for a wave of the hand, and the difference in time manifest in the human dimension is more than ten years. What's more, the overall time of the cosmos has been pushed faster since Fa-rectification began.” (“Touring North America to Teach the Fa”)

2. Master said,

“It's about to end. You should think for yourselves now. Time waits for no one!” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference”)

I think Master wished us to do things well in this human dimension, and assist him in the Fa-rectification. If we did this well, it would end soon. But how well have we done what we are supposed to do? Should we complain and say that it is never-ending?

3. To save more sentient beings, Master is accelerating the time in our dimension. The karma generated by the world's people would be dissolved by Master. Otherwise, how can a rotten apple be saved? Master bears large amounts of karma so he can extend the time for us to save more sentient beings. How can we be attached to time and wait for the end?