(Minghui.org) Master has clearly pointed out:

“If you use Dafa’s resources to make money for yourself, then what you are doing is no different than persecution. You will realize this in the future.” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”)

Though this sentence has made it crystal clear, there are some among us who have continued to collect money from fellow practitioners.

For example:

1) Selling items needed for validating the Fa to other practitioners at a price much higher than market value;

2) Taking advantage of the compassion of practitioners and asking for a stipend;

3) Disappearing after getting loans from practitioners;

4) When being offered a job by other practitioners, asking for a salary that is double the normal wage;

5) Using money for preparing truth-clarification materials as well as normal living needs, and using them casually.

There are two points I want to say about this problem. First, my understanding is that practitioners who are collecting funds are being taken advantage of by the old forces. Practitioners who make money from other practitioners have been obviously persecuted in different ways, such as suffering from illness karma and being illegally arrested.

Second, practitioners who give money to these people should really look within to find the reason why this happened in the first place. If you allowed a practitioner's attachment to money and relying on financial support and comfort in a stealthy way, aren't you partly to blame? What if the practitioners are not able to reach consummation due to our actions? Aren't we going to be held responsible?

This has become a very serious problem. Master has repeatedly brought up the issue of managing funds properly over the past several years. Time is running out, so we should seize every moment to save people and give up this attachment. We must take every step righteously, with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, getting rid of any omission that could be taken advantage of by the old forces and evil beings.

In the end, let’s encourage each other with Master’s words:

“Cultivate as you did at the beginning, and you are sure to succeed!” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”)

Above is my personal understanding. If there is anything wrong or inappropriate, I hope fellow practitioners can point it out and correct it.