(Minghui.org) Master gave a lecture at the Los Angeles Fa Conference last week. My personal understanding about his teaching is that our cultivation is extraordinarily serious, and we really need to hurry up.

I also felt that Master wants us to point out to those who are not diligent their shortcomings in cultivation and tell them the consequence of slacking off. But he does not want us to scare them off or make them lose confidence in cultivation.

I would like to elaborate on a few points in my understanding of Master's teaching.

1. Master seriously pointed out once again that we are disciples of the great Fa of the universe. That means we should not only cultivate ourselves, but should also fulfill our formidable task of saving people. Anybody could be a Dafa disciple if the goal was merely personal consummation. In that case, we would not be needed.

Master pointed out that many practitioners have not done well in the past. Many practitioners have made mistakes, slacked off, stopped cultivating, and even made trouble. Some of these practitioners will never catch up, even if they start being diligent right now.

Some of them will not have time to make up for their lack of diligence. We have already missed many sentient beings who now will never be saved.

2. From Master's teaching, I heard that nobody in the universe wants Dafa disciples to reach consummation. They just want to finish their tasks. Master is the only one who has been protecting us from the beginning to today. Although many of us are not doing well at the last moment of the Fa-rectification when the standard for us is very strict, Master still gives us encouragement and gives us more time so that we can catch up.

Master has never changed his solid will to purify us with Dafa and send us into the new universe. Nobody has ever had a will such as this before. If Master hadn't saved us, we would be lives without a future.

3. I understood from what Master taught that Fa-rectification will, without a doubt, succeed and that Dafa disciples will definitely reach consummation. But who will reach consummation? And how many? These are very serious questions.

Every attachment, big or small, can be a loophole for the old forces to take advantage of to persecute us and make us fail in cultivation. We will reach consummation and fulfill our tasks only if we get rid of all our loopholes through cultivation.

However, for a long time, too many practitioners have had an attachment to “the end,” so that they can live “happy lives.”

This is a very crucial moment. Right before the end of the Fa-rectification in the universe, we need to devote ourselves completely to saving people.

Pursuing the so-called “happy life” with human notions will come at a high price, which is that a large fraction of sentient beings will not be saved, and we will lose the opportunity to reach consummation and enter the new universe with the sentient beings.

Above are my understandings from listening to Master's most recent teaching.

I would like to share with those who were not able to attend the Fa conference. I hope that, at this tail end of the Fa-rectification, we will help each other, remind each other, and encourage each other, so that nobody will fall by the wayside in cultivation and everybody can go home with Master.

If there is anything wrong in my sharing, please correct it with Master's teaching.