(Minghui.org) I have made phone calls to share the facts about Falun Gong for about 10 months. Although that is not a very long time, I have had several moving experiences. I feel that sentient beings truly want to hear the facts. I've also realized that we should be compassionate to everyone, whether or not they quit the CCP.

Hoping to Learn the Truth

I often get text messages when I clarify the facts about Falun Gong over the phone. Some reply because they missed my call, some do not understand what the call was about, some want to know more, and some send threatening messages.

One message said that the person had searched for the truth for a long time and hoped to find it. The call was from another city, so I didn't know how he got my number. Out of caution, I replied to him a few days later and told him I would call back the next day. I dialed his number the next day and he answered. I monitored the auto-call and saw that he quit the CCP right away.

To my surprise, I got a call from the same number again two days later. From the voice monitoring system, I heard that he asked his friend to withdraw from the CCP but his friend refused. However, my phone rang again very soon. It turned out he called again for his friend. Unfortunately his friend again refused to quit.

He sent a text message and said he hoped to talk to a practitioner face to face. I was moved by his message, and I hope he can meet other practitioners in his area and obtain the Fa.

An Entire Family Quits the CCP

On one call, I heard a man tell his wife to come and listen. They listened to the broadcast together. When the broadcast said to press 3 if they wanted to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, I heard they pressed 3.

Then the man called his two children, and they also withdrew from the CCP. The dad wanted everyone in his family to quit and asked if everyone had withdrawn from the CCP. As they hung up the phone I could hear happy laughter in the background.

Calling Back after Pressing the Wrong Keys

Once an older woman answered the phone. In the background I could hear a young boy fighting for the phone and wanting to listen. The grandma asked him not to disturb her. She pressed three keys to withdraw from all three of the CCP organizations, but she was not sure if she pressed the right keys because her grandson had distracted her. I heard her mutter, “Did I press the correct keys? I did not join the CCP.” I thought I should call her back to clarify it.

After a few minutes, I called her back. She answered the phone and it seemed that she was waiting for me to call back. This time she seemed to have arranged for her grandson to be somewhere else. She pressed the keys to withdraw from the Youth League and Young Pioneers.

She asked if she had done it correctly and said that she had not joined the CCP itself. I confirmed that everything was fine.

Seven People Quit the CCP

My phone card was supposed to expire last month, but it still worked this month. However, nobody withdrew from the CCP for about 10 days. I told myself to keep calm and compassionate, stopped worrying, and continued to broadcast the truth about Falun Gong.

Finally, someone withdrew from the CCP around 10 p.m. I decided to continue and made another call. The next person quit, too. Then, the phone was passed to another and then another person. Everyone quit the CCP.

I listened carefully. From their voices, I could tell that they were young and old, men and women. I could not tell if they were a family or in an office. The last person was a man who asked in a low voice, “Who else didn't quit? Have we all withdrawn?” I counted after they hung up. There were 7 people in all who had quit the CCP.