(Minghui.org) An entrepreneur currently residing in Toronto, Canada is suing Jiang Zemin for persecuting Falun Gong, which resulted in her being sent to a labor camp for 16 months and losing her job as a software engineer at Lenovo Computer Company. The persecution caused her husband to divorce her and her mother to suffer from depression.

Ms. Song Yufei was arrested 14 years ago for publishing an online post exposing the Chinese communist regime's defamation of Falun Gong. Ms. Song mailed her criminal complaint on July 28, 2015 against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin to the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Supreme People's Court.

Arrested on Christmas Day

Ms. Song, 29, was arrested on Christmas morning in 2001 after she posted a report online early in December about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax. To arrest her, the police used network technology and the assistance of her employer, Lenovo Group, to track her IP address.

The arrest was done secretly. No one showed their ID when they arrested Ms. Song and transported her to the detention center at the police department. They ransacked her home and confiscated her personal belongings. None of her colleagues or friends knew where she was.

The police interrogated Ms. Song until midnight. She was given no food or water, then made to sleep on a wet concrete floor. She went on a hunger strike when she was not given any basic necessities.

On the third day of her hunger strike, she was forced-fed and later sent to a cell holding felons. She ended her hunger strike when she realized that she would not be released.

Torture and Hard Labor at Forced Labor Camps

After spending 40 days at the detention center, Ms. Song was given 16 months of forced labor. She was transferred to a dispatch center, where she was made to work from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. She packaged chopsticks, made candles for export to Germany, and put together promotional brochures for Motorola V70 mobile phones.

Ms. Song and the inmates were also restricted on how much time they had to eat each meal and the number of times that they are allowed to use the restroom. She was sent to Beijing Women's Labor Camp 55 days later.

When Ms. Song first reached the Beijing Women's Labor Camp, she was not allowed to sleep for three days. She was also sent for brainwashing in an attempt to make her renounce her belief. The tremendous pressure and heavy labor caused half of her hair to turn white.

The labor camp also restricted her contact with the outside world. Police read and vetted all of the mail that she sent or received.

Ms. Song was finally released in April 2003, after being imprisoned for one year and four months.

Her employer not only suspended her salary during her detention, but also refused to reinstate her following her release. Her husband divorced her shortly afterwards.

Ms. Song's mother was so traumatized by her arrest that she developed suicidal thoughts. She became paralyzed in her lower body and is still suffering today.

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