(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Gong in 1998. I’m grateful to Master who has carried me every step of the way over these past years! It wouldn't have been possible without his compassionate care. The following are some of my experiences of talking to people about Falun Gong.

Policeman: “You Are Risking Your Life to Save Me!”

I approached a young man sitting on the roadside one morning. As he got up to walk away, I said, “Hello, handsome!” He smiled. I asked, “Have you heard about quitting the Party?” He became more serious, and replied, “No.”

“When something bad happens, if you can remember that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, you will be safe,” I added.

I gave him a brochure about Falun Gong and told him to share it with his family. He started to ask questions and wanted to know where I got the brochures from. I realized then that he must work for the security services.

I wasn't afraid, and asked Master to help me in my mind. I replied calmly, “I guess you are a police officer. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forces you to persecute innocent people. Do you realize that you will be punished for doing this. Falun Gong practitioners are here to save you. We would like to see you be safe when the Party meets its ultimate fate. We wish you a bright future. The CCP doesn't want us to save people, and forced this brutal persecution on us.”

The young man seemed to understand what I meant. He quickly put the brochure into his pocket, and said, “You're risking your life to save me!” I reminded him to share the brochure with his family and friends, and to quit the Party.

He was quick to interrupt me, “I know. You'd better hurry up and get out of here!” I realized that he was afraid of being seen talking to me. Even though he couldn't quit the CCP right away, I'm sure he will make the right choice.

610 Office Employee: “You Are a True Cultivator!”

I helped my son and daughter-in-law take care of their small business when they were out of town in 2014, and used the opportunity to tell the customers about Falun Gong.

Twelve policemen came to the store one day. I remained calm and asked Master to help me save them. As I greeted them one officer said, “We are here to see you.” I replied jokingly, “Are you here to help me with my life or check on my health?” Another officer from the County Police Department commented, “We received a call saying that you’re spreading information about Falun Gong in the store.”

“I haven't done anything illegal,” I replied. “I'm only telling people about the persecution. You might become scapegoats for the CCP and be held responsible for their crimes. That would be a great pity!”

Another officer knew about the persecution, and tried to help me by telling his colleagues that I haven't done anything wrong.

To my surprise, an employee from our city’s 610 Office said, “You are a true cultivator! I replied, “I haven't cultivated myself too well. If it wasn't because Master's help, I would have died from the persecution and wouldn't be here to tell you about Falun Gong.”

They smiled and left.

I felt the power of Dafa exactly as Master said in the poem,

“Once your thought is righteous,evil will collapse”(“What's There to Fear” in Hong Yin Vol. II)

The local police now drive away when they see me. I can openly tell people about the persecution and help them withdraw from the Party.