(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners must study the Fa and cultivate their xinxing instead of pursuing external factors. However some practitioners seem unable to do so.

When practitioners study the Fa every day, they know how to act in accordance with the Fa when interacting with people and handling various situations. By rectifying their thoughts and actions with the Fa, they assimilate to it. Once we are fully assimilated to the Fa, that is when we can reach consummation.

But some practitioners do not study the Fa well. They know some Dafa principles, but instead of changing themselves, they judge others based on these principles. They expect people to act in a certain way, or hope that society or government would reform by applying these principles. When this goes to the extreme, these practitioners may want to influence governments, putting pressure on them. As I see it, this is “getting involved in politics.”

In fact, such external pursuits do not rectify oneself, nor do they change others or society at large. By wasting their time and energy, these practitioners weaken their ability to walk their cultivation paths well.

Attachments Weaken a Cultivators Powers

So, where do these pursuits come from? They are actually rooted in human attachments.

When a practitioner is attached to fame or material interests, he or she may find ways to satisfy his or her desires for such things. They will complain about others, society, or governments. With the attachment to fame or material interests, they may do anything to achieve their goal.

As practitioners, we need to study the Fa, look within, and improve xinxing. When we have improved our fundamental understanding of the Fa, we will rise to higher levels and purity. Otherwise, we would hold onto ones human notions, pursue external factors, and thus not improve on ones cultivation path.

Cultivators Reject Politics

A practitioner's goal cannot be obtained through human politics.

Master said:“...cultivation surpasses what is human, they are cultivators who have grasped the truths in higher realms, and what they understand transcends the realm of everyday people. Any understanding below the realm of the higher Fa-principles is no longer the Truth of the cosmos. Every Dafa disciple is clear about this in his cultivation, so even less should he mix everyday people's politics into Fa-rectification.” (“No Politics”)

Human society is always going to be a human society. Because of karma and selfishness, people are interested in fame, material interests, and sentimentality. Therefore, they may even accumulate more karma because of their attachments.

The best scenario for human society is for practitioners to improve their xinxing. Mankind can never reach the selfless realm of gods and Buddhas unless they cultivate. Selfishness could be reinforced through human actions and thus one may move further away from the divine path.