(Minghui.org) I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner and I live in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. I've been practicing since 1997. I was once a staunch atheist and now I'm a true cultivator. I've experienced so many amazing things, one after another, through Master's mercy.

An Attempt to Harm Me

Before I started practicing Falun Dafa, I did not believe all the things in Zhuan Falun the first time I read it, but I really liked what Master said about being a good person.

I participated in a group Fa study for the first time in September 1997. I felt a strong energy field. I was amazed to see so many young people my age who understood the Fa so deeply. I was also touched by how selfless the practitioners were. After the study, I walked outside and I saw many stars in the night sky. There was a strong voice in my heart: "I have a Master! I want to cultivate!"

Excited, I walked along the street. Suddenly, two young men appeared. They grabbed my neck, pointed a knife at me, and dragged me into the woods. They searched my bag and found nothing (I forgot my purse at home). I was not scared and said, "I forgot to bring my purse. I have a brand name watch here and you can take it."

As a beginner in Falun Dafa, I only remembered that I should not be attached to money but did not realize that I should not encourage people to do bad things. But, they did not take my watch. I said, "If you want my bag you can take it. But please leave me the Zhuan Falun." They did not take the bag. They looked disappointed and told me to leave. When I turned, they called me back and handed me my bus card, which had fallen to the ground.

When I returned home, I realized that this incident helped me understand Master's Fa on a deeper level. I understood better that it is not an easy thing if one wants to practice cultivation. If one owes a life, a demon will try to take one's life away. Only Master can protect us so that we can reach higher levels.

Boulder Fell From Sky

On day in October 1997, I was returning home with my two-year-old child. When we reached the gate, a boulder fell from the top of the building. It hit the ground right between us and broke into many pieces. We were uninjured but I was shocked. When our family members heard about this, they rushed to the top of the building and looked for the source, but they found no renovation or construction work being done. It was Master that saved us.

Escaped Danger by Thinking of Others First

One morning in 2005, I went out and noticed a young man standing near my home. Since he had been there for several days, I realized the police were monitoring me. I was a little unnerved but I soon calmed down. I walked toward the man, and when he saw me coming to him, he tried to leave.

I looked him in the eyes. Seeing the rattled look on his face, my heart was full of compassion. I thought, "Do not do this immoral thing! If you don't participate in the persecution anymore, my Master will save you." Then I went back into the house.

Around noon I went shopping. While I waited in the checkout line, an acquaintance saw me. He looked nervous and told me that there were about a dozen policemen at the gate of my home. I did not return home; instead I left the city. I later learned that the local 610 Office was monitoring me. They could not understand how I escaped under their watch. In fact, it was simple: When a Dafa disciple has righteous thoughts and compassion, Master has boundless power to protect us!

A Hundred-Year-Old Man Obtained the Fa

My husband's grandmother passed away peacefully last year when she was 109. She was a frugal housekeeper and had high moral standards. During the Cultural Revolution she was punished and sent to the countryside for 18 years, and she suffered a lot. In 1993, she was diagnosed with gall stones.

She started to read Zhuan Falun in 1997. After many readings, her abdominal distention and pain unexpectedly disappeared, and the doctor said her gallstones were gone. It was Master who took away the cause of her disease! By the time she died, she had read one lecture per day and read the book over 100 times.

One day, she was taking a walk with her family. Suddenly, she staggered and toppled over. With a loud sound, she fell forward and her forehead hit the pavement. Her family rushed to help her up. She said she was fine, and she only had some minor bruises on her forehead and knees. The 90-year-old lady fell so heavily that it is hard to imagine what a terrible result it would have been if Master did not protect her!

Be Kind to Dafa—Be Rewarded with Good Deeds

During the persecution, I was displaced for a while. In 2005, I returned to my hometown, but all my relatives were too scared to host me because the police were still looking for me.

One freezing winter day, I asked a friend for help. When my friend and his wife learned what I was going through, they were angry at the CCP and agreed to quit it. They invited me to stay with them. I stayed one night, and I heard later that his wife was promoted and her salary increased four times. My friend's work went very smoothly, too.

My husband was once against my cultivation due to the fear of being persecuted. The atmosphere at home was tense. A friend of ours came to visit and saw the situation. He invited my husband for a walk and advised him to respect my belief and care about me during this difficult time. My husband listened to his friend and did not try to stop me from practicing after that.

Soon after, this friend was promoted from his administrative staff position in a vocational middle school to vice principal of a key high school in the city. People around him were all surprised how fast his promotion went. As a cultivator, I understood that his good deeds were being rewarded for his kindness to Dafa and a Dafa practitioner.

Master Saved My Father

During the persecution, I have been illegally detained and harassed many times. My father was very scared each time. Believing the CCP's propaganda, he accused me of being involved in politics, and many times he talked about Master in very disrespectful ways. I tried to explain what was really going on with the persecution, but he refused to listen.

My father had cardiovascular disease and relied on medicine to maintain his blood pressure. He once became dizzy, fell, and hit his head, so we took him to the hospital for a CT scan. While we waited, he was very nervous. He said he'd rather die than spend the rest of his life in bed with a stroke.

I comforted him and asked him to say, "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." My father followed my advice, and the CT scan showed no brain injury. Through the incident, my father experienced the wonder of Dafa. Afterward, he became very respectful toward Master. He even helped to tell the situation about Falun Gong to our relatives and friends.