(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners are brutally tortured in Tieling Detention Center in Liaoning Province. One of the worst tortures involves fastening them to the ground with chains and force-feeding them.

A metal ring secured to the ground with a three-inch lock is put around the practitioner's neck. The person's head is fastened to a metal hoop, and his or her limbs are stretched out and attached to the ground with thick, heavy chains. The practitioner is then unable to move in any way.

Chained to the Ground

Mr. Bai Yufu has been in Tieling Detention Center since December 2014. He was arrested for distributing information about Falun Gong on December 2, 2014. He went on a hunger strike to resist the persecution, so he was chained to the ground, force-fed, and not allowed to speak.

Ms. Liu Yumei, Ms. Zhou Yuzhi, and Ms. Wei Yanhua also suffered the same torture at the detention center in 2002. Ms. Liu went on a hunger strike for 62 days and was chained to the ground for 58 of those days. She was force-fed three times a day. Her nose was broken and her throat was injured.

Parties involved in persecuting Mr. Bai Yufu:Wu Biao (吴彪), director, Tieling Detention Center: +86-15641001886 (Cell), +86-24-74560026Shi Yushan (石玉山), former director, Tieling Detention Center: +86-13188413211 (Cell), +86-24-74560026

Tieling Detention Center

Li Dejun (李德俊), Party secretary of the Tieling City Political and Legal Affairs Committee

Li Yunbo (李云波), director of the Tieling City Police Department

Sun Guotai (孙国太), director of Tieling City Police Department Qinghe Branch

Liu Shujie (刘淑杰), assistant Party secretary of Qinghe District Political and Legal Affairs Committee, Tieling City

Li Daqing (李大庆), Liaoning Province Supervision Corps captain, in charge of all detention centers in Liaoning Province.

Commander Wang, Tieling Supervision Detachment, in charge of the detention centers in Tieling.