(Minghui.org) Over the course of my cultivation practice during the Fa-rectification period, I have noticed some things I would like to share. That is, due to their weak cultivation foundation and failure to let go of their fundamental attachments, some practitioners can not regard themselves as a practitioner amid the harsh life-and-death tests and fail to make their choices seriously. They tend to get over the tests by simply writing another “guarantee statement” and compromise with the persecutors.

However, what I have seen in my realm is much different. Cultivation practice is extremely serious. Every test and ordeal practitioners run into in their cultivation is a serious test of choosing between the ordinary and the divine.

Essential Choices

For example, a fellow practitioner was imprisoned. The practitioner's family bribed the police, and the practitioner was released after writing a “guarantee statement.” I saw through my third eye that in the many dimensions that correspond to the practitioner's physical body, which have not been assimilated to Dafa, vast sandstorms suddenly stirred up, sweeping across mountains, lakes, and plains. Numerous lives were swallowed up. When the sandstorms passed, those worlds became nothing but decadence and despair. No sign of life existed, and the shapes of valleys and ravines could barely be seen. The petrified image of ruins slowly weathered away as time went by.

Having been sentenced to forced labor or imprisonment, some practitioners cannot bear the persecution and compromise with the evil by writing “guarantee statements.” If they cannot negate the persecution and make up for the harm they do in time, but instead give up and stop treating themselves as practitioners, then what happens (according to what I saw with my third eye) is this: In the dimensions corresponding to the practitioner's physical body, which have not assimilated to Dafa, dark clouds of karma block all light, the temperature drops, and blizzards sweep through. Many beings are frozen to death in an instant. The snow is black as ink, and it accumulates on the surface in those dimensions. When the blizzard stops, there are no signs of life, only the cracking of the ice echoes occasionally.

I have come to understand that in the Fa-rectification, which is carried out by our Esteemed Master, different requirements apply to different living beings in different time periods. The material elements and celestial bodies of living beings that do not meet the requirements will disintegrate along with the history of the cosmos. I have witnessed boundless living beings in many celestial bodies and dimensions eliminated due to our fellow practitioners' not letting go of their long-term attachments.

So Serious—No Time to Waste

There is no trivial matter in Fa-rectification Period cultivation practice; every matter is significant. As a Dafa disciple, a thought of ours will perhaps determine the life and death of numerous living beings.

Master said:

“Regardless of who or what social forces tell you not to practice cultivation anymore, you then give up your cultivation. Do you practice cultivation for them? Will they give you Righteous Attainment? Isn’t your inclination toward them blind faith? This, in fact, is true ignorance. Besides, we are not a qigong practice, but Buddha Fa cultivation practice. Isn’t any form of pressure a test to see whether your faith in the Buddha Fa is fundamentally strong? If you still are not fundamentally resolute in the Fa, everything else is out of question.” (“For Whom do You Practice Cultivation?” in Essentials For Further Advancement)

After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, my fellow practitioners and I went to Beijing to clarify the truth. We were arrested, sent back to our city, and imprisoned in the detention center. When I walked by the visiting room, I saw family members with tears flooding down their faces and who were begging practitioners to give up Dafa. Some parents even knelt down in front of their children as they begged. It was early afternoon, but the clouded sky made the atmosphere extremely oppressive, and I felt it was difficult to breathe.

Through my third eye, I saw the dimension corresponding to the detention center was filled with dark matter, like a dark fog, and thousands of ugly half-human, half-beast evil beings and horrific-looking alien spirits were looming in. Some of them were wearing armor; some were holding swords and spears; some were holding other types of odd-looking, cold weapons. They all had something in common: They were all staring at these practitioners with fierce eyes, be it one, two or more, red, yellow, or yellow-green, and they were ready to pile onto and tear the practitioners to pieces.

The man who interrogated me was a middle-aged officer. Behind him stood a demon in another dimension. The demon had dark red skin and was covered with dense black hair. It was six feet tall, with a piece of animal skin tied around its waist. The demon wore a black helmet, and its head was surrounded by a circle of dark red glow. It had eight arms and was holding a knife, a sword, an ax, a bell, a flag, a human skull, and a weird-shaped pagoda in its different arms. It wore a metal ring on the middle of each of its upper arms and on its ankles, and odd-shaped characters of death were carved into the metal rings. It had no pupils, and its eyes were fiery red.

When the evil officer stared at me, the demon's eyes emitted two dark-red beams into my eyes, and I immediately felt dizzy and experienced slight confusion. The officer asked me, “What is your position on Falun Gong?” I answered without hesitation: “To steadfastly practice Falun Gong.” Then, I began telling him my personal stories of practicing Falun Gong, which elevated my mental and physical health and improved my morality. The officer interrupted me and said, “You can stop now. I only need one sentence of yours–'To steadfastly practice Falun Dafa.' You can go now.”

At that moment, all of the evil spirits and the head demon I saw in the other dimension suddenly disappeared. Extremely bright light filled the dimension. Master appeared–Master was wearing a golden kasaya and sitting on a lotus with 81 levels of petals. The large nine-colored halo behind Master emitted extremely bright light, which warmed my mind and body. Master looked at me with a smile.

There were nine gods standing on each side of Master, and each held a book in their hands. One of the gods, who was in Buddha's image, walked up to Master with a golden book. He kowtowed to Master and asked Master's permission to add my name to the book. Master nodded. My name (in the divine world) was added to Line 17 on page 13. There were two Chinese characters in the center of the book cover, translating to “Great Enlightened Beings.”

Master looked at me once again, and I telepathically received a message from Master: “My child, advance diligently!” The voice echoed in my mind repeatedly. My body became golden and shiny from the inside out in an instant. My body, my body in every dimension, and each of my cells started vibrating. I saw that the boundless gods and sentient beings in every dimension that corresponds to my physical body were holding grand celebrations—they were revering Master and Dafa's saving grace. Beautiful songs resounded through the cosmos. My pulse beat along with the happy drums and joyful singing.

I did not know when my tears had wet my shirt. All I had in my mind was, “I did not let Master's merciful salvation down. I did not let down the gods, who have put all their trust and hope in me. I have done what I was supposed to do!” At that moment, it was as if nothing in this human world had anything to do with me, and my mind was tranquil with no mind intent at all.

The next day, I was released along with many other practitioners. In October, I went to Beijing with more practitioners to appeal again, and we were sent back to our city and held in the detention center. I was kept there for more than 30 days, but no one interrogated me; only my mother was contacted twice to pick me up. When I walked out of the detention center, wind blew on my face, but I did not feel a chill even though I was wearing very thin clothing.

Ever Diligent

I am just an ordinary Dafa disciple, but through these years of Fa-rectification Period cultivation practice, my personal understanding has come to this: As Dafa disciples, our steadfast righteous thoughts must be based on the truth of the cosmos and absolutely unshakable. Dafa disciples' steadfast righteous thoughts are the premise for breaking through all the obstacles in cultivation. They are the fundamental guarantee that the gods and sentient beings in the vast cosmic bodies of Dafa disciples are able to assimilate to Dafa and enter the new cosmos. Such thoughts are the most powerful validation of the great Buddha Fa in the human world.

During these 15 difficult years of persecution, millions of Dafa disciples have openly and nobly made it through the unprecedented catastrophe with steadfast righteous thoughts. Even in the darkest evil dens, Dafa disciples' god-like splendor still illuminate the body and mind. Every Dafa disciple's course of cultivation is a great legend and a glorious epic of humans walking toward godhood, and they will be venerated by numerous people in the future.