(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Gong in December 1998. In all these years of cultivation, I have personally experienced the miraculous power of Dafa. Master has purified my body and straightened my hunched back. I wholeheartedly acknowledge Master for his infinite protection.

I was born to a poor farming family. I stopped going to school after the second grade because I had to help with farm work. I also had to fetch water, and the constant heavy weight caused my back to slowly bend over at a young age. Then, hard work after my marriage caused my back to hunch even more.

When not doing farm work, I sewed day and night. I was deeply distressed by the condition of my back and wished it could be normal like other people's.

When I was doing the Falun Gong exercises one day not long after I became a practitioner, I thought: “It would be wonderful if I could be where Master taught the Fa. He would surely straighten my hunched back.” Another thought came: "Master taught us that 'A true Dafa practitioner can obtain the same result by reading this book...'” (Lecture 2, Zhuan Falun). I then saw myself at a Fa teaching site in another dimension, and Master was cleansing everyone, including me.

At the time I was doing the third exercise, Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes, and I suddenly heard a “ka, ka, ka” sound come from my back. It felt very uncomfortable. For three days, I could not turn my head without pain coursing through my whole body. Three days later, however, I felt light and relaxed. I then realized that the hunched back I'd had for more than 30 years was straightened!

I am almost 60 years old, but I look younger than that. I am full of energy. My face is so rosy and bright that people have said that they thought I was my granddaughter's mother. My family members have said, “Falun Gong is really amazing!” The people who know me think that Falun Gong is miraculous and that its power is unimaginable!