“As a result of the righteous thoughts that Dafa disciples have put into validating the Fa and saving the world’s people, the complete dissolution of the evil beings and elements that play a negative role and persecute Dafa disciples is taking place. Right now, there are only a small number of evil, rotten demons, and they are being concentrated by the old forces in labor camps, jails, and other dark dens that are taking part in persecuting Dafa disciples. This has caused the evil’s persecution to remain severe in certain, limited areas. In order to completely eliminate the persecution of Dafa disciples by the dark minions, rotten demons, and old forces, all Dafa disciples around the world—particularly the Dafa disciples in each region of mainland China—are to concertedly send righteous thoughts toward those evil places, thoroughly dissolving all evil beings and elements that persecute Dafa disciples, clearing away the evil circumstances under which Dafa disciples are persecuted in mainland China, and saving the world’s people, [thereby] fulfilling the duties of a Dafa disciple and advancing toward godhood.” (“Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil” in The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III )

1. Fellow Practitioners Detained in Prison Need Support from Those Outside

A practitioner who had been in jail for six years said to me after he was released: “We should have more practitioners send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the prisons in order to help those detained inside. During the two times you sent righteous thoughts nearby, Master opened my Tianmu (third eye). I saw divine beings appear, and the evil in the courtyard was split up. Many evil elements were eliminated. This really encouraged me. The practitioners in prison really need the support from practitioners outside. We could feel you sending righteous thoughts! I felt I was not alone in the dark.”

Practitioners in prison are deprived of sleep, kept from using the restroom, brutally beaten, confined, forced to stand for long hours, and brainwashed with all kinds of evil materials that slander Dafa. They are systematically tormented and suffer so much both physically and mentally.

I asked myself: “Aren't practitioners one body? How much have we done to help those of us who are in prison? We are able to practice in relative comfort, while they suffer so much. Sometimes it seems that we cannot do much to help, but at least we can send forth righteous thoughts close by.”

It is difficult for the practitioners inside to eliminate the evil, since they are being targeted. I realized that we should see this as a responsibility.

I decided to put this into action after realizing how important it is. My husband was imprisoned. I visited him every month, which gave me a good opportunity to send righteous thoughts nearby.

I was not diligent in many things, but after I realized what I should do in this regard, I became much more diligent in cultivation. For three years, I visited the prison and sent forth righteous thoughts nearby. I would like to share some of what I experienced under Master's guidance. Please point out anything improper.

2. Close Proximity to the Prison

Many prisons and forced labor camps are located in remote areas, wilderness areas, or near cemeteries. Many negative things gather nearby, not to mention the rotten demons and evil spirits of communism, so they are certainly not pleasant places to visit.

My husband was detained in a local provincial prison, a five-hour round trip for me. It seemed that the difficulty in getting there was an arrangement by the old forces.

I knew it was a process of cultivation to send righteous thoughts at a close proximity. I knew I had to improve my xinxing, expand my capacity, do what Master wants, eliminate the evil, and not acknowledge the arrangements by the old forces. One cannot ignore this or look for an easy way; it must be an issue of xinxing improvement. If we do not eliminate the evil, it will persecute fellow practitioners and the sentient beings detained there.

As I sent righteous thoughts near the prison, Master gave me the wisdom, and many supernatural abilities came forth. My capacity and even my way of thinking expanded and elevated. In fact, Master does everything. It seems that one is doing this for others, but when looking back, it was actually for oneself.

More and more I realized how important it was to send forth righteous thoughts at a close distance. We are connected to the people in those places and are able to eliminate the evil with our supernatural powers.

One can still do it from home, but it is very powerful to send righteous thoughts close by. At those times, the power that Master bestows is so great that one will feel that Fa-rectification has indeed come.

Especially when silently reciting, “They sweep across the cosmos, no crevice left untouched” (“Righteous Thoughts”), I felt propeller-like powerful gong above my head was expanding outwardly. I realized that if many practitioners would pay more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts at a close distance to eliminate the evil in the prisons, the prisons would be destroyed. The evil is taking advantage of the loopholes, attachments, and mentalities of which we are unaware.

I realized we should not only send forth righteous thoughts when we encounter the persecution, but we should also do it regularly. We should not just depend on those who have family members detained in jail to send forth righteous thoughts. Others should not treat it just as a routine to do only when needed. The most important thing is that we should put our hearts into it.

3. Clarifying the Truth in the Prisons

When I went to the prison to visit my husband, I always dressed up and behaved properly. The good image of a Dafa practitioner also validates Dafa.

a. Photos

The prison was heavily guarded with gates and posts, and one must face the monitor screen before going through a door. Visitors are required to show their ID card and have a photo taken.

When I faced the camera, I would look at it directly and compassionately express this thought: "Let those who see me have kind thoughts and let my message into this space eliminate the evils behind it." I realized that our images and names should have the power to eliminate the evil, since everything of ours is composed of Dafa. After having my photo taken more than 10 times, no more were ever taken.

b. Voice Recordings

Our conversations over the phones while visiting a Dafa practitioner in prison are monitored and recorded. These recordings can be used to further persecute the practitioners being detained. At any time, the internal phone connection could be cut off and the visit could be cut short if any forbidden words are overheard.

I realized that the recorded conversations was a good platform to clarify the truth. During the visit, I took every opportunity to clarify the facts and expose the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) evil.

During one of my visits, our internal phone conversation was cut off. I turned around and looked at the several guards and more than 30 visitors in the visiting hall and said: “My husband believes in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He is a good person and used to be a senior manager. He was sentenced to prison because he appealed for Falun Gong. He was not allowed to have a lawyer to represent him. He is being tortured in prison.”

The guards and everyone else fell silent and looked at me with admiration. Their kind sides were touched and knew what I said was true, but they were afraid to say anything. But they admired the courage of a practitioner who stood up with dignity and fearlessly. From then on, my conversations with my husband were never interrupted.

Master bestowed upon me the power to clarify the truth with wisdom and compassion. I did not prepare what to say or how to say it ahead of time. When talking on the internal phone, I would use every topic to eventually clarify the truth to those listening.

Once I said, “Those guards here, I truly hope they have a good future.” I felt the gloomy, dark ward suddenly brighten, and I felt the mighty power of compassion!

Through sending forth righteous thoughts at a close distance and clarifying the truth via the phone conversations, I found my fear became less and less. I became more and more dignified. I would think: “You took a photo of me. Well, my image has righteous power and will bring out the kind side of others. You recorded our conversation. Well, our voices in clarifying the truth have the power of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and will eliminate the evil.”

c. Change in Mentality: I Am Not the Weak Being Persecuted

I visited another practitioner in prison once a month and encouraged her every time I saw her. She said, “Your husband was sentenced for a longer time than I was. You are in a difficult time, but you still come to help me.” Other practitioners said to me, “This is really not easy for you!”

My thinking has changed during Fa-rectification. I do not feel like life is hard and that I am a victim just because someone in my family is being persecuted. I do not have such a concept. I do not feel that I am a weak woman visiting her husband in jail. What I am doing is not a passive act. I never felt that life was not easy for me. My mind has expanded as I have cultivated. And, it has not been just one person, one practitioner, or one family member in my mind, but the whole of sentient beings.

We came to save sentient beings and eliminate the evil who have kidnapped sentient beings. Sometimes when I sent righteous thoughts in prison, I could really feel the understanding side of sentient beings who appreciate our efforts and welcome practitioners because they know we came to save them. Whenever I sent righteous thoughts, I asked Master to help me and asked the practitioners in the prison to send righteous thoughts with me. Sometimes I could feel my husband's divine side sending righteous thoughts with me.

4. Manifesting Mighty Power

a. Large Divine Mirror

Once when sending forth righteous thoughts, Master bestowed on me a supernatural power and gave me a large divine mirror to display demons. In that space, when the mirror turned, all the evil elements were seen in their original forms. Then the mirror emitted light and destroyed them. Where was the evil? In a short moment, they were seen, and then they were gone. How easy it was to eliminate the evil! I didn’t see it with my eyes in this dimension, but I had a clear vision in my mind.

I eliminated the evil with this divine tool on the way to the prison. When I got to the prison, I felt that even the air there was clear and more transparent. Many evil factors had been eliminated.

Before seeing my husband, I turned around in the visitor's hall and thought, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” I looked around and felt I had divine powers, and those evil elements that my eyes landed on were eliminated.

b. Master Gave Me More Supernatural Abilities

I usually sent forth righteous thoughts by myself. (Of course, the greater the number of practitioners who participate, the better it will be.) I could feel Master's help and powerful effect. When one is doing it for sentient beings, Dafa will give one boundless power. As individuals, we just do it in this dimension, but everything is done by Master.

Before going to the prison, I would ask Master to help me. I knew that, although I had many attachments that I might still be unaware of or had not yet eliminated, I was a Dafa practitioner and Master's disciple. Master would help me with what I was unable to do or unable to solve.

During a period of time, I went to the prison every week to send righteous thoughts at a close distance. I felt I was like a giant atomic bomb that “exploded” in the prison with indescribable power. I felt more and more clear that Master was helping me and was actually doing everything. Master was beside me and protected me. Everything, including the weather, changed around me. I had a feeling of “Unto the world descended an Awakened One,/And Heaven and Earth did align.” (“Assimilation and Consummation” in Hong Yin)

Master said,

“And at even higher levels, concepts like eliminating karma, enduring hardships, and cultivation no longer exist, and it's just a choice! This is the principle at high levels of the cosmos: you think someone is good enough, so you choose him—that's the principle. 'Cultivation? We didn't arrange cultivation for him. What's cultivation? We just want to cleanse it, cleanse it step by step, all the way up. Cleanse it—it's as simple as that!'” (“Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

I realized that when a practitioner merges into Fa-rectification and harmonizes with what Master wants, he would be chosen and be cleansed. It is not an issue of “how I should cultivate or practice.”

After I started to go to the prison once a week, I felt Master help me eliminate the evil elements. When my mind was pure and clear, I felt even the sky and earth were different, and I felt the earth shake.

I once concentrated on sending forth righteous thoughts for two hours. During that time, I asked Master to open up my supernatural abilities to play a more powerful role in Fa-rectification. I would use it carefully and not have the mentality of zealotry.

Suddenly, I felt a strong purple light in front of me. I closed my eyes to send forth righteous thoughts. I felt movement inside and outside of my body, and I felt a breeze blowing on me, even through it was hot.

I understood more about the principle of “... matter and mind are one and the same” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun) and “the appearance stems from the mind” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting”). To follow the progress of Fa-rectification, I must not acknowledge the persecution arranged by the old forces with any of my thoughts, even those buried down deep in my mind that I have yet to realize.

For example, I should not think that the highest point of the evil elements has not died already or that it might be left until the final judgment day. With such a thought, I would have acknowledged the existence of the old forces and the evil origin. I should just eliminate the evil. The head of the evil should not exist for even just one day. The prison should not exist for even just one day. Practitioners should not be held there for even just one day.

I realized that we all should think this way—in accordance with Fa-rectification. The bad factors must be eliminated. They are not worthy of testing Dafa. If we allow them just one breath, we are working with the evil and acknowledging the persecution of our fellow practitioners.

5. Cooperate as a Group

A fellow practitioner was detained in prison for many years. To keep him from being sent to the brainwashing center, we decided to send forth righteous thoughts together as a group. Some did so at home, and some drove near the prison to do it nearby.

On the way to the prison we encountered interference. The driver (a practitioner) was not familiar with the road and got lost. Another time it was pouring rain, and there was a car accident that blocked the exit to the prison. We had to take a long detour, and the trip took three hours while it should only have taken half that.

However, once we arrived at the prison, it was just like “After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!” (Lecture Nine, in Zhuan Falun). Master then opened our supernatural abilities. I felt very comfortable while eliminating the evil: I felt I was a command center and my gong was fully utilized.

The third time I went to the prison, Master bestowed on me a divine whip. With it, I brought down those spirits in layers of dimensions who defy the Fa. The power was great. I also added the thought, “Immediately release the practitioner!” I held no concept that the practitioner would not be released. In the end, the practitioner was released.

A practitioner said, “Every practitioner in detention is important, and we need to send forth righteous thoughts close by so that he or she can be released. The key is how to improve ourselves as a group and encourage more practitioners to participate in the project.”

Over the past two years, more and more local practitioners have realized how important it is to send forth righteous thoughts at a close distance. Some have overcome difficulties to participate in the project, which has encouraged more to join.

During the process of sending forth righteous thoughts at a close distance, some practitioners solved the issue of their own sickness karma, which had been bothering them for a long time, and corrected their states of cultivation. Two practitioners had their Tianmu opened and saw scenes in other dimensions of the evil elements being eliminated. They had a wonderful, divine feeling when sending righteous thoughts together as a group, and some felt they were like gods standing there for Fa-rectification. It was different from staying at home to send forth righteous thoughts. Once we are on the right path, Master will guide us to more greatness!

Although there is still interference, we all know that, as long as local practitioners focus on and continue to send forth righteous thoughts nearby, the prison will be dissolved. When I went to the prison recently, I even advised the staff there to quit the CCP and its organizations, an indication that the evil's power is much weaker now.

I hope more practitioners will pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts near local prisons and do it often!