(Minghui.org) The old forces are looking for every possible opportunity to stop Falun Gong practitioners from doing the three things well. After my divorce, I was emotionally dependent on my mother, who was a fellow practitioner. The old forces took advantage of this loophole to persecute my mother.

First, my mother became seriously sick. With Master’s help and fellow practitioners’ support, my mother was saved from death. However, because my mother needed my care at home, the old forces arranged for me to be locked up in a brainwashing center. I was threatened and told that they would only release me after Mother died.

Since I was strongly attached to my mother, I had a bad thought, “Make Mom seriously ill to fool them so that they'll let me go home.” My mentality affected my mother which caused both of us indulge in human sentiments until her last moment. She was calling my name when she passed away. I was released the day my mother died.

After Mother’s death, for a period of time, I lost my mental support. I was sad and cried over her death, and detested the Chinese Communist Party. Looking at the tears rolling down my father’s cheeks, I felt discouraged, and my mind was broken. My attachments to family resurfaced, and I gradually transferred my sentiments to my father. Taking advantage of my attachments, the old forces began to manipulate my father to interfere with me. My father tore up my Dafa books, and beat me. After people from the 610 Office came to our home to harass me, my father beat me again, and cried, “I'll kill you first, then myself!”

Seeing how distressed my father was, I finally woke up and realized: I should not have sunk into the trap of sentiment. Whoever I'm attached to emotionally, the evil forces will manipulate my feelings for that person to interfere with me and persecute me. Whoever I rely on to relieve my emotions, the evil forces will kill that person. Their ultimate goal is to destroy my determination to cultivate and assist Master in saving sentient beings.

Master gave me a hint in a dream. I saw that my feet were bound by attachments, and I could only move forward slowly by painfully dragging my feet. My neck, shoulders and limbs were all tied up with countless bundles, which made it almost impossible for me to move. I enlightened that everything on earth is illusory, and ephemeral. What can you do with all the comforts, and all the wealth in this world? Even if one is deeply in love with one’s spouse, or one is a high ranking official, he cannot escape reincarnation. Only when one cultivates in Falun Gong, and assists Master in Fa-rectification and saving people, can he fulfill his prehistoric vows and return to his paradise.

Only when I completely let go of human sentiments can I leave behind being an everyday person. As a Dafa cultivator, I cannot reach consummation if I'm strongly attached to sentiments.

I went to the 610 Office and told them, “Because of you, my mother died. Now you want my father to die and kill me too?” They never came to my house to harass me again.

Now I constantly remind myself to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I do my best to balance my job, daily life and cultivation.

The reason I've written this article is twofold: the first is to remind myself to be diligent; the second is to encourage fellow practitioners to continue doing a good job. As long as we have faith in Master and the Fa, solidly walk the path arranged by Master, and do the three things well, we will be able to complete cultivation and return to our real home.

Thank you Master! Heshi!