(Minghui.org) Ms. Wang Ying (王颖), a Falun Gong practitioner and former elementary schoolteacher, has been on hunger strike since her illegal arrest on July 26. She is currently detained at the Hexi Detention Center.

The arrest has been approved by the local procuratorate, and her case has entered the phase of criminal investigation. She potentially faces illegal trial and sentencing if the local procuratorate accepts the case.

Ms. Wang was visiting another Falun Gong practitioner at his rental apartment when police broke in.

Like many Falun Gong practitioners, she refuses to renounce her belief despite the Chinese government's harsh crackdown. She lost her job at the Tongliao Elementary School on account of her belief. Her home was ransacked multiple times.

Ms. Wang had been arrested seven times, sent to the Tongliao Brainwashing Center, and suffered in a forced labor camp for three years since the persecution began 15 years ago.

During her previous detentions, she was tortured by being hung up by the handcuffs, beaten with clubs, shocked with two high-voltage electric batons, and beaten by multiple people simultaneously.

Within three months of detention at the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp, she was crippled as a result of torture. A CT scan indicated that she had contracted myocarditis, and the torture she suffered also resulted in hearing loss. She was released from the labor camp in January 2002 when she was on the verge of death.

Ms. Wang was transferred to the labor camp in October 2001 after an arrest in May. In addition to forced labor, she was not allowed to sleep several days at a time, was forced to stand for a long period of time, and denied restroom use, all in an effort to force her to abandon her belief in Falun Gong.

Ms. Wang managed to escape the camp once with another practitioner during field work. They were recaptured an hour later. Prison guard captain Yin Guijuan (尹桂娟) slapped her face over a dozen times.

Five prison policewomen shocked the two practitioners with electric batons at the same time. The baton blows rained down on Ms. Wang, and her body convulsed as she was shocked. Soon she was drenched in sweat.

The policewomen continued to punch and kick her in the chest and head. Her vision turned dark, her head swam, and her ears rang.

Still, policewoman Wu Hongxia pinched her breasts and threatened, “I will stick the electric baton into your mouth to disfigure you!”