(Minghui.org) The annual Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference for Assistants of Falun Dafa Activities was held in Taichung on September 6 and 7, 2014. Volunteer coordinators from all over Taiwan gathered and exchanged experiences on studying the Fa, following the progress of Fa-rectification and organizing group practice and activities to raise awareness.

Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations were taking place throughout Taiwan over the weekend. The practitioners attending the conference gathered after morning practice for a group photo to respectfully wish Master Li Hongzhi a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Falun Dafa activity assistants in Taiwan wish revered Master a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Morning practice

An elderly man stops to learn Falun Dafa.

Reading Falun Dafa teachings

Studying the Fa Well

In the experience sharing, several assistants shared their understanding on the importance of studying the Fa. Mr. Deng shared his experience of reciting Master Li's teachings. He said that on many occasions, the difficulties in cultivation can be overcome as long as one cultivates solidly and studies the Fa well. Mr. Liu also shared the benefit of reading Dafa books together after group practice every day.

Mr. Chou works on a media project and shared that he did not pay attention to group practice and study in the past, thinking he could do just as well on his own. Recently, he joined local group practice and study and found that this greatly helped him maintain pure thoughts when working on projects to raise awareness. He said he now cherishes this cultivation environment.

Assisting Fellow Practitioners

Ms. Chen from Kaohsiung talked about the responsibility to encourage fellow practitioners to be steadfast in their practice and to keep up with the Fa-rectification, “I often go to different local practice sites to learn about other practitioners' challenges in cultivation. On the surface, I sacrificed my time and effort to do this, but actually I benefited a lot, too. This happened because I strived to eliminate bad notions and attachment to self-interest when facing difficulties or conflicts. As a result, I improved my heart nature and also helped others resolve their problems.

“Several practitioners and I spent more than two months to share experiences and insights with practitioners in South Taiwan on raising awareness to mainland Chinese tourists at tour sites. I was moved when I heard that an 85-year-old lady reads two chapters of Zhuan Falun every day and then goes out to tour sites to raise awareness about the persecution and help tourists to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.”

Coordination Between Practitioners

Several practitioners shared their experience in coordination among practitioners. Ms. Huichun shared, “Many obstacles in cultivation are caused by failure to cooperate well with others. Only thorough looking inward to eliminate the attachment behind this unwillingness to cooperate, can a project have a good outcome.”

Mr. Chiu shared how he learned a lot from fellow practitioners during a week-long trip to Hong Kong to help with local activities.

Several participants of the two-day conferences said that they hoped to do better to encourage fellow practitioners in their cultivation and in raising awareness, helping Chinese quit the CCP, and ending the persecution.