Obtaining the Fa

I work as a statistician in the production department of a large state-owned enterprise. I suffered from a stomach ulcer and was in poor health from the time I was 48 years old. The doctor told me that the base of my stomach was rotten. I also suffered from colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. I went through various treatments in an attempt to address these issues.

Due to the problems I had with my digestive system, I could only eat soup, noodles, or corn porridge. Later, I contracted viral conjunctivitis, keratitis, and hives. I also had palpitations, chronic headaches and insomnia. I couldn't see anything clearly and had to ask my children to accompany me when I needed to go to the clinic. I spent over ten thousand yuan on medical expenses. I had little strength and found life very hard.

One of my work colleagues brought the book Zhuan Falun to work one day in 1998 and put it on my desk. She said, “Please read this and you will recover from your illnesses.” Having been educated under the Chinese Communist Party's atheist ideology, I told her that I only believed in science and thought that it was impossible to have my health recover by reading a book. But she still insisted, “Please read it. You sit in the office all day long and you have time. Please read it. I recovered from my illnesses after reading this book.” Then she left.

I picked up Zhuan Falun and read three pages before I had a headache. So I stopped reading and put it in a drawer. Several days later I thought of this book and started to read it again. I read intently this time and found it was so quiet around me. One of my colleagues later knocked on the door and told me that the work bus was leaving. I didn't even realize that it was time to go home. I could hear my colleague shouting to the bus driver while she was running, “Please wait. One more person to come.” I rushed to the bus with the book under my arm.

When I got home, I sat on a stool under my window and read the book until it became dark.

Tablet Fell Out of My Mouth

I usually suffered from insomnia, but that night I fell asleep. I developed a severe stomachache at 2 a.m. I told my husband to call a taxi to take me to the hospital. He gave me a tablet for my stomach first, but when I put it into my mouth, it fell out. I said to my husband, “Please look for the tablet. It's very expensive.”

My husband found it and I tried take the tablet again, but the same thing happened. This time we couldn't find it. No one thought about calling the taxi after that because I started to vomit and have diarrhea. This kept me in the bathroom for a long time, with my husband and son supporting me. I was soaked in sweat. I kept vomiting and having diarrhea until I had nothing left to vomit. With no strength left, I fell asleep at 5 a.m.

My son took me to a fortune-teller later that morning. Her home was on the fifth floor, but I was unable to climb the stairs. So my son went to see if she was home. He returned to say that she was home but wouldn't see any patients today, and told us to come back tomorrow.

As we were about to go back home, I could hear someone shouting, selling corn. I could smell it. I went over to the vendor and said, “I'll take one.” My son was worried and said, “You shouldn’t buy corn. Your stomach is not good.” But I found the smell so tempting, and I was hungry.

I bought one ear of corn and quickly ate it. When I had finished, I turned around to buy another one, but the person was already far away. So I asked my son to buy a roll of biscuits for me. We didn't go home until I finished them.

When I arrived home, I saw a street vendor on a bicycle shouting, “Fish, 28 yuan a kilo.” I told my son to buy half a kilo, as I wanted to eat stewed fish with rice. He said, “What's going on with you? You've eaten a lot already and now you still want more. What if you become sick again?” I told him not to worry, as nothing happened after I ate the corn and biscuits.

By noon the fish with rice was ready and I had a delicious meal after so many years!

When I went back to work on Monday, I told the story to my practitioner colleague. She said, “You are so lucky! You have a deep predestined relationship with Master. Master purified your body, and now you are all new again. Please find a practice site near your home and go and do the exercises with other practitioners.”

I knew that Master had given me a new life, so I started to practice the exercises at a park near my home. I started my cultivation with determination.

Soothed by Master's Law Body and Falun

I used to be frightened, even during the day, and had to have someone with me. I was unable to sleep at night because low-level spirits always appeared in my mind. I was very scared one day, just a week after Master purified my body, because my husband was not at home. I turned on the lights and sat on a corner of the bed, but soon became tired and fell asleep.

I only slept for a short time. As soon as I sat up, I saw Master in a yellow robe sitting in front of me. Everything was serene and compassionate. I was surprised and said to myself, “Isn't this our Master?” Then Master faded away. I was just about to get off the bed and put on my shoes when I turned to the right and saw Master's big Law Body sitting by my side. I shouted: “Master!” But Master faded away again.

I told the story to my practitioner colleague the next day. She said, “Master wanted to tell you that you don't need to be frightened anymore because Master is protecting you every minute.” I no longer feel frightened and have slept well since then.

I woke up one night a week later and turned on the light. As soon as I stood up, countless Falun appeared on a wall near a corner of the room. Spinning golden yellow and golden red Falun entered my eyes at great speed. It was so fast. The Falun filled the whole room with shining colors. There seemed to be no concept of time in their presence.