(Minghui.org) Officers from the local 610 Office, the Baigou Domestic Security Division and the Criminal Division broke into Mr. Zhang Yuhua’s home and illegally arrested him on December 17, 2013. Many of his personal and business items were confiscated. He is being held at the Gaobeidian Detention Center.

The police are still trying to send him to prison with trumped up charges, even though the Procuratorate has turned down his case multiple times.

Mr. Zhang’s family has not been allowed to visit him, and his business has shut down.

Background Information

Mr. Zhang is a businessman from Baigou Township in Baoding City. He owns a plumbing service and supply store, and has two children in college. He started practicing Falun Gong after he witnessed how the illnesses of his parents and wife disappeared after they began to practice.

Soon after he started practicing, he stopped drinking and smoking, was no longer attached to fame or fortune, and willingly helped others. He has won high praise from friends and relatives.

Although Mr. Zhang’s work is often tedious and labor intensive, he never complains. He always does whatever is asked and is careful with every job. As a result, he earned a good reputation in his field. One customer said, “After some thought, I feel more comfortable giving you this large project because you practice Falun Gong.”

Parties involved in persecuting Mr. Zhang:Gaoqiao Police Station: +86-312-2884886Li Fuqi (李福岐), director of Baigou Police Department: +86-312-2890110Li Zengliang (李增良), secretary of Baigou Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-312-2889709Lian Fuming (廉福明), captain of the Domestic Security DivisionYang Tao (杨涛), captain of the Criminal Division