(Minghui.org) I wanted to tell fellow practitioners who created Falun Gong truth-clarification phone calls embedded with the "Press #" function that I appreciate this very much. I have been using this function since March to save sentient beings, and about 2,000 people have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates so far.

About 30 people quit every day on average, and sometimes more. I started with one cell phone, and now I use 40. But, please, make sure that you consider your own situation.

The number of people who quit always surged on weekends and holidays. The new version embedded with a dialing function made it quicker and easier to save sentient beings. Many people quit the CCP using this safe and efficient method.

I would like to share my experience in using truth-clarification phone calls to save sentient beings.

1. Check the call quality frequently.

Making truth-clarification phone calls sounds easy, but it isn't. I met with several practitioners recently who also participate in the program, but they said the results were not so good, and some quit. I asked them if they had listened to the recording or checked the call quality using another phone, but none of them had. They all thought it would be OK as long as technicians had installed it on the phone.

When they listened to the recording, it sounded very weak and sometimes inaudible. Without knowing if it works, a great deal of time can be wasted.

When I explained the issue of call quality, one practitioner reinstalled the system, and six people quit the CCP through calls on his two phones. His confidence was restored, and he added two more phones.

2. Practitioners who are technicians should be careful and responsive. Make sure the cell phones work before turning them over to fellow practitioners. After the software is installed, it should be tested. I found that many cell phones were returned to practitioners before the software was correctly installed.

It is very easy to test. Just use another cell phone to receive truth-clarification calls. After listening to everything, press the required number. Make sure it can be heard clearly and that one can quit successfully by pressing a number. Only then can you save sentient beings.

3. It is also related to our cultivation. We encounter interference when doing any truth-clarification project.

I always send forth righteous thoughts to my cell phones to eliminate interference from other dimensions. I won't be overjoyed when people more quit or unhappy when fewer quit, I will just do it all the time.

I'm aware that many practitioners change projects now and then, but their confidence decreases day by day. One practitioner always said that few people quit the CCP after listening to her cell phone calls, and she believed that the problem was in her phones. After I installed the software for her, she was not re-assured, and asked another practitioner to reinstall it. When I checked that phone again, I found that the system was installed incorrectly, and I could not find any basic recording files.

When I asked if she sent forth righteous thoughts for her phone, she said she did not. When we encounter any problems during our cultivation, we should treat them with righteous thoughts, and look inward. That way we can find the fastest way to solve the problem.

4. Do not rely too much on technician practitioners.

Technicians practitioners devote a lot of time and effort to cell phone purchases, system and software installation, testing, and returning them to practitioners. We should cherish their efforts and try to solve every problem ourselves instead of relying on them too much.

For example, once our phone cards are opened, there will be some add on services for which the telecommunication companies charge money. But there are explicit directions, and these services can be canceled at any time accordingly. Some practitioners even rely on technicians practitioners to solve these basic issues. We should learn new things if we don't know them, instead of leaving them all to other practitioners.

5. Choose suitable truth-clarification recordings. The situation in China now is very complicated with all the natural and man-made disasters.

Truth-clarification recording version 7 from the Minghui website fits the situation in China well, so I use it most of the time. Usually one cell phone can help 8 to 10 people quit the CCP. Once two phones helped 18 people quit.

Someone even sent me text messages after quitting by pressing a number on the phone to show that they were quitting the CCP. I feel that a large number of people have already awakened, but are just waiting for a truth-clarification call to fully understand. Then they quit the CCP and are saved.

6. The version with the "pressing a number" feature is really very good and can help people to quit the CCP safely and quickly. Many people have been saved this way.

The Content of Version 7:

“Hello! Please take a few minutes to listen to this call. It has a lot to do with you.

“There are many natural and man-made disasters in today's China. And they are only increasing. This call will tell you why disasters happen, and how to avoid them.

“From a young age, we were indoctrinated with atheism and told to love the CCP. We are confused, because who should we love - the CCP or the nation?

“The CCP seized power in China through violence and lies. It is persecuting the Chinese people and destroying traditional Chinese culture. It has killed 80 million Chinese people while the world has been at peace, more than all those killed in WWI and WWII. It destroyed 5,000 years of Chinese civilization.

“In today's world, the CCP has long been recognized as the biggest evil cult and terrorist organization in human history.

“It has even harvested organs from living Falun Gong practitioners since 1999. It profits from selling kidneys, livers, and corneas. This is an evil we have never seen before on this planet. It has angered Heaven and humanity.

“Deceived and brainwashed by the CCP, many Chinese people see it as an honor to belong to the Young Pioneers, the Youth League, and the CCP.

“Unable to tell right from wrong, people have seen many disasters in China. One must pay for any life taken. The Party has killed so many people that Heaven is now set to eliminate it!

“At a tourist site in Zhangbu, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, a huge stone split, revealing six Chinese characters: "Chinese Communist Party Dies." Many in the media have reported this, but none have mentioned the last character - die.

“If you joined the CCP, Youth League, or Young Pioneers by holding up your fist and vowing to give your whole life to the CCP, then aren't you a part of it? When heaven brings down the Party, doesn't that mean you will be included, too?

“This call is to let you know that you can only void your association by quitting the CCP. As of December 2013, over 150 million Chinese people have recognized that the corrupt CCP is the true enemy of the Chinese people and have quit the CCP.

“I can help you quit the CCP now. You can tell me on the phone and I can hear you.

“Have you ever worn the red scarf? [3-second pause] Or joined the Youth League? [3-second pause] Or the CCP? [3-second pause]

“I can help you quit with a pseudonym, is that OK? [3-second pause]

“If your family and friends also want to quit the CCP, please send a text message to this cell phone number. I wish you a happy and safe life after quitting the CCP.”