(Minghui.org) Since the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were published and circulated, countless mainland Chinese have become more aware of the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and have been quitting the Party and its affiliated organizations by publishing their declaration of withdrawal on the Epoch Times website.

At present, more than 170 million Chinese have withdrawn from the Party and its affiliates. However, due to the media censorship in China, many Chinese are still not aware of the “Quit the Party” movement. Even if they know about it, they do not know how to make their declaration of renouncing the Party.

Volunteers Help Chinese People Quit the Chinese Party

Volunteers from the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been informing Chinese people and helping them submit their withdrawals from the Party. They communicate with them via the Internet, call them from outside of China, or distribute informational pamphlets to Chinese visitors at tourist attractions around the world. Many who quit the Party have shared the information with their friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Ms. Li is in her 70s and is a volunteer at the “Quit the CCP Center.” She calls people in China daily to encourage them to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliates. One day, an elderly man answered the phone.

Ms. Li said, “Sir, do you know that more than 170 million Chinese have abandoned the CCP as we speak? The Communist regime will eventually disintegrate, and the way to protect yourself from future calamity is to sever all ties with the Party. I'd like to create a lucky pen name for you, to help you quit the Party. Is that alright?”

The man on the other end of the receiver listened quietly. With his voice slightly trembling, he replied, “Yes, I'd like to quit the Party. Thank you very much! I'm an elderly official. I've been wanting to leave the Party, but didn't know how. I've been telling others to quit the Party, because the Communist regime is truly rotten! Can you tell me where the 'Quit the CCP Center' headquarters is located? I'd like to help others withdraw from the Party as well.” Ms. Li promised him that she would send the center's hotline and anti-censorship software information to his mobile phone.

Ms. Li asked, “Have you heard of the 'Self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square'? This incident was set up by the Communist regime...” Before she finished speaking, the man interrupted her, “I know about it already. I understand that it was set up by the Communist government. The self-immolators were not Falun Dafa practitioners.”

Ms. Li told the man about a 270 million-year-old “hidden words stone” that was discovered in Pintang County, Guizhou Province. She explained, “In August 2003, Pingtang County invited a geology expert from Guizhou Province to investigate the stone, who later wrote a detailed report. It was determined that the 'hidden words stone' fell from a high mountain cliff. On the cliff one can see a corresponding gap from where the rock must have fallen. After the megalith fell, it split into two forming a gap wide enough to accommodate two people. A crack in the megalith revealed six characters neatly brush-written in Chinese; saying 'The Chinese Communist Party Dies.' The character 'Dies' is especially large. It seems that the heavens sent a message through the stone as a warning.”

She continued, “The official media in Mainland China have reported this news, but they have hidden the word 'Dies' and only mention the words 'The Chinese Communist Party.'” The man laughed, “This is a good story. I'd like to share it with others, but I'm afraid I won't remember the details. Can you please send it to me as well?”

When Ms. Li mentioned that Falun Dafa has spread around the world, the man sent well wishes to Teacher Li, the founder of Falun Dafa.