(Minghui.org) As cultivators, we all know that we should believe in Master and the Fa. However, when facing specific situations, particularly when one is in the midst of a tribulation, when one's xinxing level is tested, it is not easy to truly achieve “believing in Master and the Fa.”

True faith in the Fa is not merely sentimentality towards Master, or the wish to believe in Master and the Fa. If we have doubts, whenever our notions clash with the Fa or human thinking surfaces, we are not really believing.

The key to having true faith is a deep understanding of the Fa. It is essentially doing things according to the guidance of Master and the Fa. If we do not have a deep and accurate understanding of the Fa, how can we do well amidst huge tribulations and major tests? How can the Fa manifest through us? How can we persevere in spite of difficulties?

Undoubtedly, believing in Master and the Fa is the fundamental guarantee of our consummation. In every step we take on our cultivation paths, we should accurately and righteously abide by the Fa's standards. Only by constantly studying the Fa, and constantly elevating our xinxing in every thought and deed, can we solidly achieve true faith!

Dafa practitioners have suffered heavy losses during the persecution due to not truly believing in Master and the Fa.

In the CCP's evil labor camps, prisons, and brainwashing centers, under Jiang Zemin's secret order of, “Death during custody is considered suicide,” the police and guards have no fear, and frantically persecute Dafa practitioners using torture methods which are beyond human endurance. Many fellow practitioners were not very clear on the basis of the Fa and could not hold on to their righteous thoughts.

Unshakable righteous thoughts is our fundamental guarantee to breaking through enormous tribulations because it dissolves the base on which the old forces launches its persecution. If we don't have strong righteous thoughts, how can Master help us? Without righteous thoughts, we are human beings. How can ordinary people defeat evil?

Many fellow practitioners who experienced the brutality of the persecution have learned negative lessons, and no longer dare to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. They are not able to see the true nature of the matter.

From the Minghui articles and fellow practitioners around us, we see that as long as one can abide by the Fa, unwaveringly hold onto one's righteous thought of true faith, compassionately save sentient beings, including guards and inmates, and use wisdom to clarify the truth, one can then break away from the prison or detention center fairly quickly.

However, those who did not have sufficient or had very few righteous thoughts, fear, competitiveness, resentment, and hatred that controlled them, were met with even more severe persecution.

Of course, persecution not only causes bodily harm; the other important aspect is the damage to one's cultivation level. After all, the main cause of persecution is deviating from the path that Master has arranged, as a result of not truly believing in Master and the Fa.

Many fellow practitioners have not yet walked out of the shadow of persecution. This is exactly what old forces want. They want us to abandon the Fa and drop our levels! But Master has never given up on us, including those who have made serious cultivation mistakes.

Master's compassion is boundless. I sincerely hope that those fellow practitioners who were once lost do not miss this opportunity for which we have waited lifetimes after lifetimes. Hurry up and return! Cherish Master's salvation and do not let him down once again.