(Minghui.org) I had been deeply poisoned in the past by the Chinese Communist Party's culture. As a result, the "falsehood, evilness, and combativeness" from that culture fully manifested within me. I didn't give way to others when I had ground or didn't have it. I was argumentative, and often used a critical tone when talking to people.

I began practicing Falun Dafa in1996, and my mother, relatives, and friends noticed that I had changed. One person said, "When you were talking, especially when you were not happy with others, you used to stare at them with a tense expression, and you looked very upset. You now look calm when you are speaking. You just focus on the things you want to talk about, as opposed to complaining about others."

Frequency of My Period Reduced

I developed uterine fibroids when I was 30 years old, and had my period two times each month. It lasted for a week every time. Because of that, I was very thin, had a poor complexion, and lacked energy.

Fellow practitioner A once said to me, "Practitioner B was in the same situation as you. She asked for Teacher's help and said, 'I want to have periods only once every two to three months. Just a little bit is enough.' It then changed to the way she wanted.”

After I returned home, I read about this in Lecture One of Zhuan Falun. I sat in the lotus position and did the Heshi gesture to Teacher (two palms together in front of the chest to show respect) and said, “Teacher, I also want to have my period every two to three months. Just a little bit is enough. As long as it's enough for me to cultivate my body, it's good enough.” I have since had my period only every two to three months, and each time, there is only a little bit.

Teacher Helped Me Resolve Issues Benevolently

When I was sleeping on the evening of November 15, 2013, I felt that my face was hurting a bit. When I got up to do the morning exercises, as soon as I looked in the mirror, I was shocked. The right side of my face was swollen. When I pressed it, it felt hard. My attachments to fear and human concerns all came forth.

I said, "eliminate it" a few times quietly. I calmed down. I pointed at my face with one hand and said, “It's all an illusion. With Teacher here, with the Fa here, I am not afraid of any demons. If I can't win the battle with you, my Teacher's Fa can win the battle. Even though I have omissions, I will not allow you to persecute me.”

I did the exercises as usual. When I did the second exercise, there was a bad element sitting on top of my spine pulling on my arms. It really hurt. I understood that the evil didn't want me to do the exercises, so I asked for Teacher's help. Though it tried to stop me, I still managed to finish the exercises.

When I was drinking water, some water came out of my nose, and when I was eating congee (porridge), a piece of rice came out of my nose. I said to Teacher, “Teacher, the evil wants to choke me, and won't allow me to eat or drink. Please help me so that I can eat and drink.”

I then sent forth righteous thoughts more than ten times a day. The rest of the time, I either studied, transcribed, or recited the Fa. I couldn't fall asleep at night because my face was in much pain, so I sat up. I just realized that if the evil didn't want me to eat, drink, or sleep, its purpose was to take away my life.

Teacher tried to enlighten me in a dream. I was surrounded in a courtyard by evil people. There were four walls, but no doors. I couldn't enlighten to what it was. I read an article from another practitioner who did the five sets of exercises two times per day, so I began to follow suit. I was fighting against the evil for not allowing me to sleep.

I studied, transcribed the books, and sent forth righteous thoughts as usual the next day, and did the exercises twice. I washed my hands, and reached into my mouth to see what was blocking my throat. I couldn't open up my mouth, and when I touched it, there was a blockage in my mouth.

Teacher enlightened me to have a benevolent resolution with it. While I was doing that, I kept looking inward. When my face ached or I had a toothache in the past, I looked inward. When I realized, 'I had talked about other practitioners behind their backs or said something inappropriate,' the pain lessened. This time I kept looking within, but it didn't help. So I put that aside, kept studying, writing down and reciting the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and doing the exercises twice every day.

I kept this up for four days. On the fifth day, I went to practitioner C's home. This practitioner helped me find my attachment, though I didn't admit it right away. After I returned home, I examined all my attachments, and didn't find the root cause. Then I remembered practitioner C's words. I put my hands over my face, and said, “That's it. That has got to be it.” I calmed down.

When I did the sitting meditation in the evening, I spit out some dirty stuff. I knew that Teacher was cleansing my body. After I sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I slept for three hours until the alarm sounded for morning exercise time. I got up and took a look at myself in the mirror. The swelling had gone down, I could open my mouth, and when I pinched it the bad substance in my mouth miraculously disappeared.

On the evening of the sixth day when I was sitting on the couch, my thoughts began to wander. I felt that I couldn't control myself. I quickly said, “Teacher, please help me keep myself under control.” I then saw an elderly and ugly woman appear about one meter in front of me. While she was gazing at me, I saw four or five women surrounding me and looking at me. I asked them, "Did you come here to seek a benevolent resolution? I'll recite the Fa for you."

I suddenly enlightened that for the past five days, Teacher was strengthening my true self to take control, which was why I could pass this trial of life and death. With tears running down my face, I kept thanking Teacher. Thank you Teacher!

I can't fully express my gratitude for Teacher's saving grace. Through this article, I would like to let people of the world know that Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa, and it is for saving sentient beings! This is also what we have been awaiting lifetime after lifetime.