(Minghui.org) It has been many years since I experienced this miracle, but it is still fresh in my mind, as if it occurred today. I would like to share my story with others.

Falun Gong Book Attracts Attention

One of my colleagues was reading the book Zhuan Falun in June 1998. To get her attention, I attempted to grab the book while saying, “Why don't you stop reading that book? Can we chat?” My colleague said, “Do you dare to take a look at this book?” “Why not?” I said, “I have taught for so many years and have read many books.” I did glance at the book, and a sentence attracted my attention.

Master said,

“Let me tell everyone that since we are of a great cultivation way in the Buddha School, we of course cultivate Buddhahood. In the Tao School, one of course cultivates the Tao to attain the Tao.” (Zhuan Falun)

I shouted, “Wow! I'm going to cultivate Buddhahood!”

After I obtained a copy of the book, I treasured it and took it home after work. My husband read a few pages and said, “This is great. I want to practice it too.” At that time, my son, who had been home due to illness, got up from the bed and shouted, “Mom, count me in. I want to practice Falun Gong as well.” As a result, the three of us started practicing Falun Gong at the same time.

Eye Problem Disappeared Within Six Days

My son had experienced problems with his eyes since he was little. From time to time, his eyes would turn red and become swollen, with tears covering his face. He could not open his eyes. Despite trying western and traditional medicine, his condition worsened.

On his first day of school, my son said, “Mom, I can't see the blackboard clearly even if I sit in the first row.”

We were desperate. He was always sick, frequently missed school, and eventually could not live without assistance.

Tears often covered his face, and his eyes were red and inflamed. He felt burning around his eyelids, making him close his eyes all the time. His eyes were so painful that he often shivered. He told me, “It's as if there are hard beans in my eyes, which move from side to side.” He was suffering.

Seeing he was in pain, I could not eat or sleep well. I was busy all the time trying to reduce his discomfort. I brought snowballs back home in winter and patted them on his eyes in order to reduce the burning.

His grandmother once suggested a treatment. She asked me to turn his eyelids inside out, use bamboo sticks to make them bleed, and then apply salt water. Being hopeless, I followed her direction. It was a very painful process and I was heartbroken. His eye condition did not improve.

Finally, the ophthalmologist diagnosed that he had genetic corneal ulcers and that he needed surgery to replace both corneas. Otherwise, he would become blind.

We were devastated because it would take years of work to gather enough money for such an expensive surgery, given our incomes.

Totally unexpected, Master brought us a new life the day I decided to begin practicing Falun Gong.

At that time, my son had dropped out of school, was resting at home, and suffering from burning pain day and night. However, he acted quickly as soon as he heard that we were practicing Falun Gong. He kept shouting, “Mom, I want to practice! I want to cultivate in Dafa.” It was a bit difficult, as I just had gotten the book Zhuan Falun and did not fully understand the Fa.

I said, “You are too young to practice Dafa. Although you don’t have a chance to be cured, you can use some eye drops when it hurts. If you really want to practice Dafa, you should treat your eye pain as karma. You shouldn't use eye drops. We can throw those eye drops away. Can you agree to that?” My son said, “Yes, I can! I really can!” Therefore, I decided to get rid of the eye drops immediately.

In the beginning, he had hard time opening his eyes, and I read Zhuan Falun to him. He was able to open his eyes within three days. I then told him to read the book by himself, and he did so for another three days. His eyes returned to normal within six days, and he could go to school. I was totally amazed with this fact, and experienced joy and happiness which I can’t describe in words.

From that moment, three lives were saved by Master, so we started cultivating diligently.