(Minghui.org) Ms. Lin Xiaoyan is a Falun Gong practitioner in Jinan City, Shandong Province. She was illegally arrested at a highway service area during a routine identity check on May 12, 2014. Ms. Lin was traveling to Shanghai by bus to visit relatives.

The officers said they arrested her because she had hung banners that promoted Falun Dafa.

Six months ago, on December 31, 2013, Ms. Lin and three other practitioners hung some banners in the street. The banners had messages about how wonderful Dafa is. Since then, they have been targeted by police. The police arrested three practitioners – Liu Xinmei, Chai Diyun and Xu Yanjiang – on January 18, 2014. Ms. Lin was forced to leave home to avoid arrest.

Ms. Chai Diyun was arrested by police in Jinan City. The police extorted five million yuan from her before they released her. After this scandal was exposed, Ms. Chai was released. Xu Yanjiang was released by the Licheng District Public Prosecutor's Office because of insufficient evidence.

The Jinan Domestic Security Division is trying to revisit the incident of hanging banners, in order to make a fuss, using it as an excuse to persecute Ms. Lin again.

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Ms. Lin Xiaoyan, 57, was a businesswoman. She has been held in Jinan Detention Center since her arrest. Her family went to the police station and the detention center several times, trying to visit her, but were never allowed to. They had to wait for the court’s verdict about a month later.

Deeply concerned about her mother, Ms. Lin's daughter kept going to the detention center asking to visit her. So became so worried that she could neither eat well nor sleep well. Her husband stayed home to take care of the family and the couple had no time to manage their daily business. The family has suffered great losses financially, physically, and mentally. Ms. Lin's daughter is overcome with fear and worry, and sometimes passes out.

We appeal to everyone to closely watch and express your concern over the plight of Lin Xiaoyan and her family.