(Minghui.org) Bystanders recently witnessed members of the Yantai Police Department and the Tuanwang and Jiangtuan police stations round up practitioners, ransack their homes, and confiscate personal property.

The police were dispatched in two separate teams in the early morning hours of June 25. While everyone in Mr. Li Lulin's house was still asleep, the police broke in. They took two computers, two printers, six cell phones, supplies, and over 10,000 yuan in cash. The other police team broke into Mr. Huang Jianjun's home in a nearby village and ransacked it.

That same day, Mr. An Libo and his wife were arrested and their house was looted. The police took two desktop computers, a laptop, a printer, and supplies. Six police vehicles were not enough to carry off their plunder, so they brought another police car to load up the rest.

An hour later, Mr. Zhang Baoren from Beihuang Village, Jiangtuan Town, was arrested on his way home from work. His house was ransacked.

Mr. Lu Weihao was arrested the same day and his house plundered the following day.

Mr. Gai Xianfei's wife, Ms. Huang Ruhua, was arrested at their shop. The police ransacked the shop and took away CDs and supplies. Although Mr. Gai wasn't there at the time, the police arrested another practitioner, Mr. Gao Jianting.

Mr. Gao, Ms. Huang, Mr. Chen Xiangmei, and Ms. Qiao Zhi were released the next day. The others were detained in the Bolinzhuang and Heluo police stations in Laiyang.

Parties Involved in the Arrest

Shanqiandian Police Station in Laiyang City:+86-535-7770005Tuanwang County Police Station in Laiyang City: +86-535-7540010Jiangtuan Police Station in Laiyang City: +86-535-7640006Wen Jiantao (温建涛), captainLaiyang City Detention Center: +86 -535-7185563Laiyang City Custody Center: +86 -535-7185562Director Ma Xianjun (马贤君): +86-13906452876 (Cell), +86-535-7185696(Home)Police officer Gong Tianfang (宫廷芳) (the same policeman who ordered prison inmates to torture eye specialist Mr. Ma Qingchun)Bu Weiguo (卜卫国), captain of the Laiyang City Police Department: +86-535-7339777(Office), +86-18660067966(Cell), +86-13953566666(Cell)

National Security Division:Sun Ziwei (孙姿伟), deputy director (main culprit responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners): 86-18660067553(Cell) 86-13964530088(Cell)Ma Shuguang (马曙光): +86-18660067557(Cell), +86-13853502789(Cell)Liang Bing (梁兵): +86-15192261717(Cell)He Xiao (何晓): +86-18660067560(Cell)Xiu Dekui (修德奎): +86-18660067556(Cell)Lu Jiangang (吕建刚): +86-15966562953(Cell)Sun Maoheng (孙茂恒), director of Laiyang City 610 Office: +86-535-7210992(Home), +86-535-7269933