(Minghui.org) Ms. Xu Jian and Ms. Wang Suzhen, both Falun Gong practitioners, were tried in the Liaoyang County Court, Liaoning Province, on April 11, 2014. They pleaded not guilty and their attorney argued that practicing Falun Gong is not a crime.

The court sentenced Ms. Wang to four and half years and Ms. Xu to four years in prison. Ms. Wang later appealed to the Intermediate Court.

Ms. Wang and Ms. Xu were arrested for talking to people about Falun Gong on February 7, 2014, by officers from the Shoushan Police Station. The officer on duty, He Yun, took them to the Liaoyang Detention Center.

Their families went to the police station after the arrest and were told that they could visit Ms. Xu at the detention center on February 10. When they showed up on the 10th, they were told to come back on the 12th. When they went back on the 12th, they were told that Ms. Xu had been moved from administrative detention to criminal detention the day before, so they could not see her after all.

Parties Involved in the Persecution of Ms. Xu and Ms. Wang:

Chairman of the Liaoyang Shoushan Police Station: +86-13904190246Xing Zhenyue (邢臻岳), chief of the Liaoyang Shoushan Police Station: +86-13841999816, +86-419-7779601(office)Liu Yongshen (刘永生), presiding judge of the Liaoyang Court: +86-13841992926

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