(Minghui.org) Ms. Tan Yanling and her family from Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, are all Falun Gong practitioners. They have been brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party since July 1999.

Her father, Mr. Tan Guoyi, was tortured to death in 2004, and her brother, Mr. Tan Yanjun, in 2005. The local police department has refused to restore the registration of her sister, Ms. Tan Yanwei, as a permanent resident in the region. Ms. Tan Yanling is disabled, but the police have repeatedly beaten her without cause.

Captain of Xinnan Police Station Personally Beats Practitioner

Mr. Tan Yanjun was arrested by three officers from the Xinnan Police Station of Hegang City on January 9, 2002. Shortly after, they ransacked Mr. Tan's house and took him to the First Detention Center of Hegang City. He was later sentenced to nine years in prison.

Mr. Tan's two children were elementary school age, and there was no one at home to care of them. Ms. Tan Yanling went to the Xinnan Police Station to ask captain Li Jianguo to release her brother.

Li was chatting with three others when she went to speak to him. When she explained why she was there, Li started to shout curses at her and beat her. The three individuals in the office with him pushed her out and closed the office door. Officer Jiang Jinsheng saw her and dragged her downstairs.

Police Officer Beats Disabled Woman Five Times in Front of Witnesses

The police have stolen many personal items from Ms. Tan Yanling. In 2013, she went to the police department to claim the personal belongings taken. Officers Yan and Zhang and security guard Jin pulled her down from the third floor to the first floor. Jin pinched her arm, which turned black and blue. Her arm muscles froze up and she couldn't move her arm.

On April 16, 2014, Ms. Tan Yanling called the police disciplinary hotline to lodge a complaint. Two officers named Zhang illegally revoked her sister's residential permit. She delivered the complaint in person to Yan Shouchuan, director of the discipline office of Dongshan Police Department. Yan told her she would hear from him the following week.

As she was leaving, another officer, Jin Weiqi, passed her in the hallway. As Ms. Tan tried to take a close look at his ID tag, Jin hit her and knocked her down.

On April 23, Ms. Tan Yanling again went to the Dongshan Police Department to meet with Yan. He wasn't in, so she waited for him. Jin, the same policeman who had hit her, tried to pass behind her back. When she again tried to look at his badge, he knocked her down. Ms. Tan called for help.

It seemed that Jin Weiqi did not want Ms. Tan to identify him, yet they were meeting again and again. When he was returning from the police cafeteria, he again passed Ms. Tan. Ms. Tan stood up and asked his name. Without a word, Jin grabbed her arms and pulled her to a spot not covered by a surveillance camera and beat her. She was pushed to the floor and couldn't get up. Her neck, shoulders, back, and legs were severely injured.

Jin Weiqi beat Ms. Tan five times. Even though police witnessed the beatings, they did nothing.

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