(Minghui.org) Ms. Li Xiulin and Ms. Zhou Fenglian, in their 60s, are Falun Gong practitioners from Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province. They were illegally arrested on May 5, 2014 by officers from the Chaigoubao Railway Police Station, for explaining the facts about Falun Gong in the Chaigoubao Railway Station. They are still being held in custody after 30 days despite the promise of an immediate release.

Ms. Li and Ms. Zhou were taken to the Datong Police Department affiliated with the Taiyuan Railway Bureau of Shanxi Province. They are being held in the Chenzhuang No.1 Detention Center.

Family Visits Denied

Their families went to the Datong Police Department multiple times requesting a visit. Although they had to make a round trip of about 250 miles each time, the authorities turned down their requests.

The deputy director at the Datong Police Department told the family on May 27, 2014, “A meeting is not necessary as they will be released within two or three days.” Ms. Zhou's family member said that Ms. Zhou's husband required an immediate operation and Ms. Zhou was the only one who could tend to him after the operation. The deputy director responded, “Get a hospital certificate and we will immediately release her.”

A staff from the Datong Police Department called the families that afternoon and instructed them to submit applications requesting the release. The staff told the families that they would immediately release Ms. Li and Ms. Zhou upon receipt of the applications.

The families submitted the applications at the local railway police station the next morning, and asked for the applications to be faxed to the Datong Police Department.

At the same time, Ms. Zhou's family went to the Zhangjiakou No.5 Hospital to obtain the certificate. They took the certificate to the Datong Police Department on June 3. People in charge were not around. A staff member told him, “Leave the certificate here. Go home and wait for the notice.”

However, by June 6, Ms. Li and Ms. Zhou had been held for 31 days and no release notice was received. They went to the Datong Police Department again and asked the people in charge to fulfill their words and release the practitioners. However, the staff told them, “The case has been submitted to the Procuratorate and is going through the legal procedures. Go home and wait for the notice. Talk to chief Yang or Liu if you have any questions.” The families were shocked upon hearing this sudden news.


Ms. Li Xiulin, 62, from Chaigoubao Town, Huaian County, Zhangjiakou City, is a housewife.

Ms. Zhou Fenglian, 62, also from Chaigoubao Town, is a retired worker.

Partial list of parties involved in persecuting Ms. Li and Ms. Zhou:Wu Fubiao (武富彪), director, Chaogoubao Police Station: 86-313-7820686 (Home), 86-13833338786 (Cell)Liu Guang(刘光), director, Chaogoubao Railway Police Station: 86-313-7920428 (Office), 86-13734205700 (Cell)Zhang Yulin(张玉林), director and Party secretary, Datong Police Department affiliated to the Taiyuan Railway Bureau of Shanxi Province: 86-352-7122918 (Office). 86-352-7122908 (Home)