(Minghui.org) Much of the evil in other dimensions has been eliminated in recent years. As Falun Dafa practitioners continuously clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa, Chinese people are gradually beginning to see the truth behind the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) misleading propaganda. More people are taking the initiative to look for Dafa-related materials in order to learn the facts.

I stopped at an intersection one day when I was returning from a trip. A passerby asked me, “How many people withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) today?” I didn't know him, but I smiled and said, “More than 30. Have you withdrawn?” “I have not.” So, I said, “How about withdrawing today?” He agreed. Before I finished helping him withdraw, he asked, “Are there some goodies for me?” I said, “Of course! Here are some pamphlets and a DVD for you.” I also told him that Dafa has spread to over 70 countries, and more than 160 million people have withdrawn from the CCP and its associated organizations.

I had an opportunity to speak to a young woman at a bus station about the need to withdraw from the CCP, but she was not convinced. When I began to worry that time might be running out for her, I noticed movement behind my bicycle. It was someone who had heard me clarify the facts before, coming by to pick up more Dafa materials. He took a booklet and smiled at me, nodding his head, and left. I understood that Teacher had sent him to help me. I said to the woman, “As you can see, I don't need to explain to people who already understand the facts.” After further reflection she decided to withdraw from the CCP, and she took some Dafa materials. At this point the bus arrived. I was relieved that she had taken the right path to save herself.

A few days ago I went to a vegetable market to clarify the truth, and saw a large truck, into which five people were loading vegetables. As I stopped my bicycle in front of them, one asked me, “Do you have any DVDs?” I didn't know him but I replied, “I have brought them for you but you are busy at the moment.” He replied, “You can leave one for each of us in that small car.” In the meantime I talked to them about the three withdrawals (withdrawing from the CCP and its two affiliated organizations). Except for one person who had not joined any of the CCP organizations, all withdrew from both the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers. I gave each one of them an amulet and they were very happy.

One day I arrived at a small retail shop in a farming community. I took out a DVD and asked, “Is there anyone interested in Shen Yun DVDs?” An elderly man came out and said, “I would like to have one, and there are others in the house who want one too.” As I gave one to the elderly man, a young fellow came out and asked, “Is there one for me?” I replied, “Sure.” He said, “That's good. Otherwise, I would report you to the police.” All those who heard him laughed.

As more people came out, I spoke to them about the three withdrawals. The young man said, “I want to withdraw from the Youth League. The communists are extremely corrupt. I want to distance myself from them as much as possible.” Then, the elderly man and the others withdrew from the communist-related organizations. I asked them to pass the DVDs on to other people after they finished watching them, so that more people can see them. They agreed. As I left, I heard them say, “Falun Dafa is good!”