(Minghui.org) Police in Xi'an City harassed local Falun Gong practitioners and searched their homes as they searched for 65-year-old Ms. Ma Yunhua, who escaped from police custody in April, 2014.

The Xi'an police collaborated with the Jintai District police in Baoji City to search the home of practitioner Ms. Li Surong and her son Mao Rui in an effort to find Ms. Ma.

Detained for Asking for Pension Payments

In April 2014, Ms. Ma asked her former employer to pay her pension that had been withheld during her 7-year prison term. The head of the company told her to discuss the matter with the police. Two practitioners, including Li Hua, went with Ms. Ma to the Lianhu District Police Department. They were arrested before they entered the building. One of the practitioners was released that night. However, police followed her and ransacked her home. They also broke into Ms. Ma's home and ransacked it.

Ms. Ma was detained in the Lianhu District Police Department for several days, but was able to escape when she was taken to the hospital for a medical examination. The police fabricated accusations to issue a nationwide arrest warrant.

Held in Xuanpingyuan Brainwashing Center

Ms. Ma was arrested by the Lianhu District Police on March 25, 2013, and was taken to the Xuanpingyuan Brainwashing Center.

Officers from the Laodong South Road Police Station arrested Ms. Ma on May 10, 2012, for talking to people about Falun Gong at Fengqing Park. She was taken to the Xuanpingyuan Brainwashing Center by Sun Zhifa from the Beilin Domestic Security Division.

A security guard reported Ms. Ma to the authorities on June 29, 2010, when she handed them some truth clarification materials. She managed to escape, but was forced to leave home to avoid being arrested. However, she was found and arrested by the Lianhu District Police on October 31, 2010, and was taken to the Xuanpingyuan Brainwashing Center.

Sentenced to Seven Years and Tortured in Prison

Ms. Ma was sentenced to seven years in prison in April 2002, and was held in the 6th Ward of Shaanxi Province Women's Prison. In order to get a reward for reforming practitioners, head of the ward Zheng Dongli assigned four violent inmates to torture her.

Prison guard Wang Yuling hung Ms. Ma from an iron frame with her hands cuffed behind her back. They forbade her from closing her eyes and did not allow her to use the restroom for several days. Although her clothes were soiled, Wang didn't allow her to change them. When the foul smell got to be too much for the guards to handle, they dragged Ms. Ma to the restroom, stripped her naked, hosed her down and cleaned her with a toilet brush. They taped her mouth when she shouted in protest.

Zheng Dongli forced Ms. Ma to stand for extended periods of time. When she fainted, Zheng and Wang ordered the inmates to beat her. They told them to concentrate the abuse on Ms. Ma's abdomen and genital area. Zheng and Wang claimed that if the inmates beat her to death, it would just be counted as suicide.

Inmate Ren Hongli whacked Ms. Ma with a leather belt and then pushed her head into a basin full of water until she lost consciousness. The inmates then pricked her body with needles so she would regain consciousness. They also strapped an MP3 player to her ear and forced her to listen to recordings slandering Falun Gong.

Ms. Ma Escapes from Labor Camp, But Later Arrested

Ms. Ma was arrested in April 2001 for distributing truth clarification materials, and was held in the Lianhu District Detention Center. She was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor and taken to the Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp in May.

Practitioners Ms. Zhang Yunxian and Ms. Huo Guilan were also taken to the Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp with Ms. Ma. When the guards processed the documents for transferring the practitioners, they managed to escape and walked out of the main entrance of the labor camp without being stopped.

The three practitioners were arrested six months later and taken back to the Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. In April 2002, Ms. Ma, Ms. Zhang and Ms. Huo were sentenced to between five to seven years in prison and taken to the Shaanxi Province Women's Prison.

Persecuted Since the Persecution Started

Ms. Ma was sentenced to one year of forced labor on March 9, 2000. Her employer fired her and declared her ineligible to receive a pension, even though she had worked for 33 years.

Ms. Ma Yunhua is a retired worker of the Northwestern Second Light Industry Company in Xi'an, and has been persecuted many times since the onset of the persecution in 1999.

When Ms. Ma went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong in October 1999, she was held in the Xincheng Detention Center for 15 days.

Elder Sister Dies as a Result of Persecution

Ms. Ma's elder sister Ms. Ma Yunjing was a retired worker from the Capacitor Factory of Xi'an Electricity Corporation. She was arrested and persecuted in the Xi'an Brainwashing Center multiple times. Her health declined as a result of the persecution, and she died on June 18, 2012.

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