(Minghui.org) Four Falun Gong practitioners from Sanhe, Hebei Province were illegally arrested on April 22, 2014 by local police as well as agents from the central 610 Office.

In a recent attempt to track down the devices that Falun Gong practitioners use to send group text messages about Falun Gong to the public, the deputy director of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Central Committee's Prevention Office came to Sanhe from Beijing with several staff members and tracking equipment.

Several local practitioners' cell phones were being monitored, even when they were turned off. The police also harassed a few practitioners and monitored their homes.

Mr. Kang Jingtai, Mr. Ma Weishan, Mr. Wang Zhanqing and Ms. Lin, the four practitioners arrested, are now detained at Sanhe Detention Center. They started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Mr. Ma is 73 years old, and his situation is very worrisome.

Mr. Kang developed high blood pressure (220 mmHg). He is in very poor condition. His father recently passed away, and his mother had not yet recovered from the agony. After Mr. Kang was arrested, his mother couldn't bear the huge mental blow and also passed away on May 2.

Led by Li Wei from the Sanhe Domestic Security Division, 20 officers from the Dongcheng Police Station and the CCP people from Beijing surrounded Mr. Ma Weishan's home on the evening of April 22, around 5 p.m. They broke in and arrested Mr. Ma.

The police returned around 6 p.m. and arrested Mr. Ma's wife, Ms. Wang Yue, who is 78, and their nurse, Ms. Lin, in her 50s, who is also a practitioner. Mr. Ma and Ms. Lin were directly taken to the Sanhe Detention Center. Ms. Wang (non-practitioner) was later taken home by her son.

The police went back for the third time around 8 p.m. and ransacked Mr. Ma's home. They confiscated a group text sending device (valued at about 20,000 yuan), more than 30 cell phones, three computers, four printers, two TVs, 8,000 yuan in cash, as well as equipment to make Dafa informational materials.

Mr. Kang Jingtai and his wife, Ms. Fang Chunyan, were arrested around 5:30 p.m. at his clinic by more than 10 officers from the Sanhe Police Department and Nancheng Police Station, as well as the head of Sanhe Domestic Security Division, Shi Liandong. When they ransacked his house, the police took away a group text sending device, 7 cellphones, 3 computers, and their personal car, among other items. The couple was first taken to the Sanhe Domestic Security Division and later to Sanhe Detention Center.

After the couple was arrested, their child, who just started middle school, was left alone at home. Mr. Kang's older sister brought the child to the detention center and asked the authorities to release the couple. The next day, Ms. Fang was released.

Mr. Wang Zhanqing was arrested in Beijing around 6 p.m. the same day. The police ransacked his home and confiscated his two laptops.

Perpetrators' contact information: Fu Lijun (付立军), head of Sanhe Police Department: +86-316-3210188 (O), +86-316-8335999 (H), +86-13931680999 (C) Guo Lichen (国立臣), 610 Office head: +86-13603260114 (C), +86-15831606988, +86-316-3175808 (O) Shi Liandong (石连东), Domestic Security Division head: +86-316-3115636 (H), +86-13832669588 (C) Wang Chaohe (王朝合), detention center head: +86-13833616158, +86-316-3652991 Xin Jun (辛军), head of Dongcheng Police Station: +86-13731636163 (C) (For more perpetrators' contact information, please refer to the original Chinese article)