(Minghui.org) I received a call from a doctor that I used to visit just after the New Year. She said, “It has been a long time since your last visit--why don't you visit our clinic for a checkup?”

I replied, “I no longer need to, I'm healthy.”

“Really? What special treatment have you gotten?” she asked.

“I have a magic formula. By the way, how are you?”

She replied, “I am seriously ill. I have already made an appointment for surgery.”

I went to visit her right away. She told me that she had a nasal tumor and could not breathe through her nose. The tumor bled often, and when it bled through her mouth or eyes, it was terrible.

I told her not to worry: “I have a magic formula like I mentioned. I began practicing Falun Gong again. After I read an informative flier, I realized the Tiananmen Square self immolation was staged, and that everything on TV and radio regarding Falun Gong has been lies. I resumed practicing and I am healthy again. Do you believe me?”

She said, “You look great, your complexion has a healthy glow, and you look totally different from before. I also have read Falun Gong fliers that I picked up in my yard. There is nothing wrong with it, and I think it makes sense. I understand more after your explanation today. I also want to learn Falun Gong!”

I told her I would bring her a copy of Zhuan Falun and an exercise tape. I told her, “As you read the book and do the exercises, your illness might resurface and the symptoms get temporarily worse. In that case do not be afraid, it might be a cleansing.”

Ten days later, she called me and asked me to come visit her quickly.

She told me that after I left, she began reading the book and doing the exercises. Two days later she began vomiting blood. She was not afraid, and later the nasal tumor came out through her mouth. She picked it up and examined it carefully. It looked as if it had been cut out. It was the size of a thumb.

She took the tumor to show her surgeon. All the doctors and nurses were amazed: "It's a miracle!” They took the tumor to a pathology lab, where it was found to be benign.

Without medication or injections, without missing a single day of work, she recovered totally!