(Minghui.org) In my region of Jiansanjiang, we were encouraged to send forth strong righteous thoughts on March 25, 2014 for the human rights lawyers during a legal case of illegally arrested and detained Falun Gong practitioners. I am a newer practitioner and our compassionate Master opened my celestial eye, allowing me to see some scenes in another dimension in order to strengthen my faith in the practice.

The following is what I saw in another dimension when I was sending forth righteous thoughts in several group settings.

When we sent forth righteous thoughts in a group the first time, I saw that every fellow practitioner present was transformed into a gleaming gong particle. I also saw that countless other Dafa disciples in other dimensions were all gong particles. They then became one single force that transformed into Master’s image that displayed blinding rays irradiating to far distances ten thousand miles away. Every evil substance within the reach of those rays were being disintegrated.

In other dimensions, the evil forces have many shapes. In the lower dimensions, the evil forces appear as different animals. In higher dimensions, they appear as rotten demons. In even higher dimensions, the evil forces appear as bad gods. In short, evil in other dimensions have different hierarchies. Reflected into this space, practitioners who cultivated diligently and solidly were able to use the power of their gong and supernormal ability to destroy the much higher-level gods, whereas the average practitioners were only able to do away with the rotten demons and the various animals. Those who lack concentration or cannot keep their hand upright will miss their target or even fail completely to hit any evil target.

On the evening of March 30, when we sent forth righteous thoughts in a group, we extended each time to half an hour. After cleansing ourselves for the first five minutes, as soon as our right hands were held erect in front of our chests, Master's image appeared in front of me.

Master said, “When sending forth righteous thoughts, you have to have self-confidence. I’ll show you your divine side.”

I saw five other practitioners and myself sitting on our own lotus platform. Each of our little lotus platforms were on one of the six petals of Master’s big lotus. With Master sitting in our midst, we began to rise. Master told me telepathically to take a good look.

At that moment, I was totally absorbed in the bliss of Master’s immense Buddha luminescence that is so compassionate, so peaceful, and so auspicious. I was reduced to a mere nothing with only the knowledge of Master who loves and protects us. There are no words to describe this blessed feeling.

All of a sudden, I became aware of my surroundings. The enormous scene unfolding in front of me shook me to the core. I saw that all the evil spirits and dark minions in other dimensions were gathered around the Jiiansanjiang region like a dark mass of a giant hornet's nest. Their individual form was distorted and pale black. Each of their heads was shaped like a hill or an ingot. Their bodies were similar to human bodies but in a pale black color. Each of their hearts were exposed and in the shape of five blood-red stars connected by a red pipe through which a red fluid was being transported. Altogether they aggregated into a single huge shape of evil to collect human blood and essence. I saw that higher evil spirits in the higher dimension were controlling these evil forms.

I turned to look at my fellow practitioners and saw that they were all wearing helmets and armor, and riding on war horses just like in Shen Yun’s opening scene. Each practitioner was leading his or her own courageous warriors. Banners were waving above their heads. On each banner displayed each of their names.

The practitioners surrounded the evil spirits like a dragnet, allowing nothing to escape. Behind each practitioner was a high level god in command. I saw those who cultivated diligently were all fighting on the front line, followed by the ones who were less diligent, followed by the ones much less diligent. I saw myself somewhere in the middle and felt ashamed.

Master sent a thought into my consciousness, “Those who participate are already displaying greatness!”

I felt a little comforted, but knew I must do much better. Then and there, I made myself a solemn promise to improve myself and to follow Master’s every expectation so that Master will not have to worry about me.

At that time, the struggle between good and evil began. Master had us hold out our right hands and pressed into each palm a minuscule precious sword. He told us when we send forth righteous thoughts with our hand held erect, precious swords will continuously shoot out from each of our palms just like innumerable bullets. If our thoughts are righteous, if our hands are held upright, every sword sent forth will target the five red stars in the evil’s heart and it would immediately be disintegrated. But if our hands were not erect and our thoughts were muddled, then the target will be missed and the evil will escape.

I understood the swords were our Fa instruments bestowed by Master to help us eliminate evil. So, for those of us who put these Fa instruments to waste, it was really inexcusable.

When we put both hands with open fingers in the form of the lotus hand sign in front of our chests, I saw Master pass out a lotus flower in full bloom so that it nestled inside every pair of open lotus hand signs.

At that moment, I heard Master say, “You wouldn’t close your hands if you knew that there was a lotus flower in full bloom in them.”

I knew Master was encouraging each Dafa disciple who engaged in this holy war. When I had to leave, I knelt in front of Master, sensing He had something to say to me.

Master said (not exact words), “You must share what you saw with your fellow practitioners.”

Master continued (not exact words), “During these few days, the weather in the Jiansanjiang region is bad as a result of the struggle between good and evil. The heat from the gong power generated by Dafa disciples disintegrated the negative matter of the evil force. And so, rain was formed and snow fell.”

I was deeply touched. I thanked Master profusely, bowing repeatedly.

When I came out of my trance, I described what I saw in the other dimension to the fellow practitioners present. Everybody was moved and shocked. Some had tears and we all felt Master’s compassion and were uplifted. We were all filled with immense confidence.

I wanted to write everything down in accordance with Master’s bidding. In so doing, I also hope to encourage myself to be more diligent. At the same time, I want to submit this to Minghui.org for publication so that those of us who are lax and do not take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously, to realize we must sit up and stay focused and not underestimate our capability. We need to have faith in our supernatural side. This is also a way for us as Dafa disciples to examine ourselves to see if we truly trust Master and trust Dafa.

The above is based on my personal understanding. My level is limited. Please kindly point out anything that is inaccurate or not within the Fa.

Thank you, Master, for your reinforcement and encouragement!