(Minghui.org) I was undergoing therapy to treat my lumbar disc protrusion in late-summer 1995. A classmate gave me two books when I was in great pain, Zhuan Falun, and Falun Gong.

As soon as I opened the book, I saw the author's photo. He looked very kind and seemed familiar. The first paragraph I read was "Lun Yu":

"'The Buddha Fa' is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science. In order to explore this domain, humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking. Otherwise, the truth of the universe will forever remain a mystery to humankind, and everyday people will forever crawl within the boundary delimited by their own ignorance." (Zhuan Falun)

While reading the book, I heard a sound right above my head. I looked up and wondered who was talking to me. It was not an ordinary sound. Curious and puzzled, I read the books very quickly. Although I did not read them carefully line by line, I knew that everything said in them was very good.

I was on sick leave, and tried many medical treatments, but none worked. My condition got worse and one doctor suspected colorectal cancer. A friend suggested that I begin practicing Falun Gong. Because I did not wish to hurt his feelings, I dragged my sick body to watch Master's lecture videos. I did not believe that anything would actually help me.

As we watched Master's lecture videos, I half-closed my eyes and sleepily listened. Suddenly I felt my painful lumbar discs open and cold air rushing out. In my left leg, which had been affected by the lumbar disc problem, I felt cold air coming out too. Since I kept moving around, the practitioners asked if I was okay. When I told them, they excitedly said, "Master is purifying your body!"

I was surprised and asked, "Where is Master?" "On TV!" They pointed at the screen, but I didn't understand, "How can Master clean my body if he's on TV?" They said, "You'll understand later. Just come to listen to Master's lectures." I was quite surprised to see how excited they were. During the nine-day video lecture series, my swollen left leg returned to normal, my back pain lessened, and the blood in my stools disappeared.

Master made my illnesses disappear! So I went to another nine-day lecture (video) series. After the series, my cold hands and feet were warm. I started to do the Falun Gong exercises, and after two months, all my persistent illnesses were gone!

Through practicing Falun Gong I obtained my good health. But I still did not really understand how to cultivate or look inward.

I didn't know why I kept shopping for clothes those days. I bought one item of clothing after another but I wasn't satisfied. Whenever I walked down the street, I paid attention to what other people were wearing. Even when I was meditating, I kept thinking of garment designs. It worried me that I could not control my thoughts.

As I was doing the sitting meditation one day, as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw someone walking up and placing a big package in front of me, "These are all for you!" I looked up—it was Master! Master smiled at me, nodded, and left. The package was wrapped in lilac-colored silk. I opened it. It contained garments—soft, smooth, and shiny, in pink, light yellow, and light lilac. They were so beautiful! I suddenly understood why I was still attracted by human's garments which are all made of dirt, and mud. Master is guiding us to return to our homes in heaven! Suddenly, my human notion of "beauty" was gone. I had a new understanding of "beauty" as well as cultivation.

I wanted to meet Master in person. My dream came true one day when I met Master at a practitioner's home. Master was giving a lecture and I sat only one meter away from him. I gazed at Master and thought, "I saw Master finally! I really did! This isn't a dream! It's real!" I was so excited. Master suddenly stopped speaking, looked at me, and smiled, "Don't think about other things. Listen to the Fa carefully." Master knew what I was thinking. I collected my thoughts and focused on Master's teaching.

I said to Master, "I didn't attend your teaching seminar. Is it too late for me to practice cultivation?" Master smiled and looked at an elderly practitioner, "Even at his age he did not say it's too late. You are still young. Why would it be too late for you?"

Then Master's expression became serious, "Sentient beings! They don't know where they came from!" I didn't understand what Master meant, but I felt that what He said was very profound. Master told us that we should study the Fa and understand the Fa. When we accompanied Master to the door, He turned back and said again, “Study the Fa! Study the Fa well!”

I saw Master again on July 26, 1998. Master was giving a lecture to assistants in Changchun City. When Master walked in, applause greeted him like rising waves, one wave higher than the other. Our gratitude, our longing, our waiting, our honor and happiness were all expressed in our thunderous applause. It was the first time in my life I had heard such applause, and I could not describe it with any human language.

While Master was lecturing, the lecture hall felt like it was no longer on earth, but suspended high in the universe, in the Fa's light, and surrounded by strong energy. Every cell in every layer of our bodies was transforming. Every layer of lives were being elevated. I can't describe how intricate it was. Master was boundless in the universe.

The next day, several practitioners and I transcribed Master's lecture from the tape recording. We listened to each sentence repeatedly, wanting to record every tiny detail correctly. I was in charge of one tape. After we recorded the text, Master revised it. It was later published as "Teaching the Fa at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun."

I felt that Master was pushing the Changchun assistants up many, many levels. Master is so compassionate! He gave us the Fa which created lives, he built the ladder for us to return to heaven, and he was guiding us step by step.

One day when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, what I saw solved a puzzle for me. Master said,

"Here we will provide you with Falun, qiji, and all the mechanisms for cultivation practice and so on—more than ten thousand of them. They will all be given to you like seeds being planted in your body." (Zhuan Falun)

I understood it in theory, but when I saw how it was really done, I was moved beyond words. "Field of hearts," "sea of minds," "hole of hearts"- I saw what these expressions meant. They are really "fields," "seas," and "holes." Everyone's "fields," "sea," and "eye" are in different sizes and depths. I saw that Master was washing, cleaning, and repairing these for us. I saw Master placing books of the Fa into each field and onto each sea wave. I saw Master cleaning "hole of hearts" from inside until they were clean and smooth. Master then piled books of the Fa one by one inside the holes. Master planted the Fa for us. All the fields, all the sea, all holes of hearts, were getting bigger, higher, and deeper, and shining in golden light. I was shocked and touched. The theory became real images in front of me.

It was exactly as Master taught us,

"...the side of you that is in other dimensions sees all and understands what I’ve given you. Your inability to express your gratitude to me in words, deeds, or even with any possible idea..."

"...I’m planting in your body a shiny golden Falun and myriad things from this whole Fa so that you can cultivate, and I am purifying your terribly filthy body. These are things that no one, since the beginning of Heaven and Earth, has dared to do." (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe”)

In 2007, the evil was rampant in my local area. Seventy practitioners were arrested while holding an experience sharing conference. They were sent to forced labor camps and prisons. They were tortured, and some lost their lives. Many materials production sites were destroyed. We were busy rescuing fellow practitioners and hit the low point on saving people.

Exactly at that moment, we received the video lecture of Master's "Lecture to Practitioners in Australia." Master had left Changchun ten years before. We missed Master so much! We watched the video again and again. Our tears were pouring down. Master said, "You can get gods' things only when you let down your human notions!" "Your mighty virtue will exist in the universe eternally. It will last as long as the universe exists!" At the end, Master put down the microphone, then picked it up again, and said, "I wait for your good news!"

We were cheered up. We had walked through our lowest point. We are determined to give Master our good news.

The pace of Fa-rectification is so fast. The vast heavens have been cleaned and reformed. Every once in a while, Master lets me see a proportion of parts of the universe which have been cleaned, and yet to be cleaned. They appeared like a chess board full of small squares. The parts which have been cleaned are transparent, and the others are dark. The dark areas are getting smaller and smaller with the Fa-rectification moving forward. Only some dark corners and edges are left now.

One day, Master opened a dimension for me. It was like opening a pot cover. A black substance suddenly emerged like steam, in very thick, black waves. I jumped back. In just a moment Master entirely cleansed that dimension.

Early one morning I was awakened by what I saw in my dream. Master cut open one dimension. Master's gong was shining brightly with golden lights—thick, dense, and vast. His gong covered the sky and land. All lives were so shocked that they just stared with their jaws dropped open, frozen where they stood. Master's Gong swept through, the beings that could be saved were immediately assimilated, and those which should be eliminated all willingly admitted that they should be eliminated. What really shocked me was the incredible righteousness Master showed. All beings respected Master from the bottom of their hearts.

I was stunned by Master's righteousness. I remembered Master's Fa,

"All of the old-force beings respect me absolutely!"

"...however I handle something is righteous, and those who are dealt with are always wrong." (“Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

"When the Fa is right, the universe will be right." (“When the Fa is Right” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

I saw how right the Fa is, and that is the standard that we should reach. Dafa disciples are helping Master in Fa Rectification. When we have right hearts, right words, and right actions, when we assimilate to Zhen-Shan-Ren completely, sentient beings will see Dafa manifest through us and they will know Falun Dafa is good. They will absolutely respect us and they will truly be saved.

We miss Master. We miss the New Year when we can see Master again.

Before the persecution, we gathered at the practice site early on every morning of the New Year. The ground was covered with pure white snow, and when the melodious exercise music played, that was the beginning of our New Year. Now we are watching the Chinese New Year celebration (Shen Yun) on NTDTV, and it's become our New Year's eve custom.

Shen Yun shows us five thousand years of mankind's culture of respecting gods. It unlocks our memories and shows us our true homes. We hear the Creator's call. We realize our historical vows. Watching Shen Yun is like seeing Master, who is at the center of the universe, leading us to the future with great benevolence.

The golden words are displayed on the backdrop... Buddha Fa is spreading! Heaven's gate is open! The future has been created! Everyone who walks through is immersed in the Fa's light, so grateful to our great Creator.

On Shen Yun's backdrop, I saw Master again. Master was smiling, meeting the kings of the new universes.

Congratulations on the 22nd anniversary of Falun Dafa being introduced! Happy Birthday Master!