(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhu Jinrui was serving a four-year prison term at Bei'an Prison when he passed away on May 6, 2014. He was illegally sentenced to prison in April 2013.

His family was notified that he had died of a sudden heart attack. When his wife and several relatives went to the prison, they saw traces of blood around his mouth. During the whole process at the prison, the guards and prison officials were closely monitoring them.

While overcome with grief, Mr. Zhu's family members were deceived into agreeing with the prison's arrangement to have his body cremated immediately without further investigation.

Mr. Zhu's wife later recalled that he had told her [over the phone] on April 23, 2014, that his health was fine and he had gained some weight. The family does not believe that he died of a heart attack, and strongly suspect that he was tortured to death. They hope that anyone with information regarding Mr. Zhu's death will come forward, so they can find out the real cause of his death, and expose the persecution.

Mr. Zhu, 44, resided in Pengsheng Village in Qiqihar City. He started practicing Falun Gong in 1997.

He was illegally arrested and taken to the Fuyu County Detention Center on January 10, 2013. His home was ransacked, and informational materials about the practice and Falun Dafa books were confiscated. He was sentenced to four years in prison three months later.

Summary of Key Persecution Facts:Name: Zhu Jinrui (朱金瑞)Gender: MaleAge: 44Address: Pengsheng Village, Fuyu County, Qiqihar CityDate of Death: May 6, 2014Date of Most Recent Arrest: January 10, 2013Most Recent Place of Detention: Beian Prison (黑龍江北安監獄)Province: Heilongjiang ProvincePersecution Suffered: Unknown