Flower in a Greenhouse

I used to have serious health problems, lying in bed without the strength to stand or roll over, and needed a wheelchair to get around. I had an abnormal immune system, which led to the creation of antibodies that destroyed my red and white blood cells. My urine was dark red from the dead blood cells. My blood pressure would drop precipitously, and I often fainted. I could not control my bowels and had to have blood transfusions just to stay alive.

One of the symptoms of severe anemia is extreme fatigue. I found it hard to open my eyes and was very frightened. Once I had to spend eight months in the hospital.

The doctor told me frankly that my illness could not be cured, and I would have to take Prednisone, an immunosuppressant drug, all my life. He also told me, “You are like a flower in a greenhouse, and have to have absolute rest.” It was true. My illness seemed incurable and I could not move due to the extreme fatigue. I could not even peel beans and had to be taken care of by a nurse.

I had no quality of life and just suffered bitterly every day, without an end in sight. In 1994, I started to suffer from symptoms of menopause. My period lasted for two weeks. It worsened my situation greatly when compounded with severe anemia. I was on the verge of death.

Falun Gong Brought Me New Life, Doctors and Family Amazed

On the morning of August 4, 1994, I went to a gynecology clinic at the Labor Hospital. The doctor told me that I could not be cured, but that she could try to remove my intrauterine device (IUD) and see what happened. The doctor saw that I was concerned and suggested a blood test. The results were: white cells, 1,200; Hemoglobin, 3g; blood platelets, 50,000; and other indicators very low. The doctor was concerned and said that they could not remove the IUD.

During the afternoon she gave me a copy of Falun Gong and asked me to read it carefully. I started to read after she left. To my surprise, while reading I started to cry. That evening, I had a very vivid dream that my illnesses were all gone. When I woke up, I thought perhaps Falun Gong could really cure me, so I started to learn the exercises the next day to give it a try.

After a month, before I had completed learning all five exercises, I started to menstruate again. It was surprising that it ended within three days, which was normal. I felt very happy. I had visited many gynecology experts on this disease, and they all said it could not be cured, but that I should wait until menopause. Now it had just become normal without any medicine or injections.

On September 18, I relapsed with a chronic urinary tract infection, and the symptoms were the same as before. I went to the hospital to have urine and blood tests done. The results surprised me: there were no white blood cells in my urine, it was normal, with no infection at all. I had the symptoms three times in a month, and after that they disappeared completely.

The results of the blood test almost moved me to tears. My white blood cells had increased from 1,200 to 3,600; Hemoglobin from 3.5g to 10g, which had never reached 10g even before I got ill; and my blood platelets went from 50,000 to 1,000,000. All the other indicators had improved. Even my doctor got excited, and asked what kind of medicine I had taken to cause this improvement. I said that I had not taken any medication. This doctor had been involved in my previous hospitalization and knew my situation well. When I told her that I had practiced Falun Gong, she grabbed my hand, and asked me to teach her, too.

Finally, my illnesses all disappeared. I was then 47 years old, but had just obtained the happiness of good health. I greatly appreciate Falun Dafa for bringing me into the spring of my life.

I have not taken any medicine or injections since, except when I was tortured in prison. I am just full of life and healthy every day and don't even get colds. I don't need any nutritional products, just three meals a day. My mother was amazed and said, “How can you be more able when you're older?”

Falun Dafa is just so good. People around the world in over 100 countries respect it. Over 3,000 government entities and countries have issued proclamations and letters of support. Falun Dafa books are translated into over 30 languages and are read all over the world. My story is just one of its miracles. Millions of Falun Gong practitioners have also published their own true stories on the Minghui website. Please feel free to take a look.

Mind Purified, Morals Elevated

Past Resentment, Current Appreciation

I was originally selfish, stingy, and timid and had a harsh mother-in-law. When we lived together, she enjoyed superiority in all of our conversations, and always picked on me for lacking a dowry. This really upset me.

Although I was very far from my workplace, she refused to drop off or pick up my child from daycare. Once my child had diarrhea at daycare, and she refused to take care of the child even though the babysitter came three times. The babysitter got really angry with her and told me, “Don't take care of this old lady when she gets old or sick. She is so unreasonable!” Similar things happened several times. During the New Year, my husband tried to give the sitter ten yuan more to make up for it. Later on, his mother asked to live separately due to her daughter. I was much happier with that arrangement.

Afterward, I practiced Falun Dafa and improved in body and mind. I felt like visiting my mother-in-law. When I arrived, I felt sorry for her. Her house was in poor condition, there was no water upstairs, and she had to dump the bed-pan downstairs. There was only a ceiling window for ventilation. The house we had lived in together was purchased by my father-in-law. It was an expensive house, and my mother-in-law had lived there first. Now she had to live in such a shabby place because of us, and I felt really guilty.

I told her at once, “Mother-in-law, we are preparing to purchase a house. You are welcome to live with us after we buy the house.” She was really happy after hearing this, but my husband was astonished. He did not agree when we stopped living with his mother, because he knew she would suffer the losses; but had to agree when I insisted. Now I asked to bring her back to live with us, so he really did not understand it. He did not know of my plan to buy a big house in a nearby suburb and bring my mother-in-law and mother to live together; I would teach them to do the exercises and serve them meals every day.

We gave my mother-in-law a 150-yuan stipend every month. My husband would take her the money first on pay day and then come home. Once he came back feeling unhappy, because my mother-in-law said we did not give her the money last month. I told him it was not good for his health to be angry, that she must be getting forgetful in her old age, and we should just give her the money again. I even added that prices have gone up and 150 yuan must not be enough. I said that we could add another 50 yuan for her. My husband was so surprised that he could not believe his ears. At that time, my wage for sick leave was only 600 yuan, and we also needed to give money to my mother. My mother-in-law lived in such a shabby house, but never troubled us. I really needed to thank her, so I wanted to give her more. I told my husband, as long as he could afford it, we could give her more. We gave her 400 yuan instead.

In the past she did not help me, and I was resentful towards her. Now she did not ask us to help her, and I appreciated that. My mind had changed greatly.Mother: I Really Need to Thank Falun Gong