(Minghui.org) My husband and I are both Falun Dafa practitioners. In the past few winters, my husband has been working in the boiler room in our small district.

It was November 30, three years ago. It must be about an hour after midnight. I was already fast asleep when my husband came home. I stumbled to open the door for him and returned promptly to bed. Then, I heard him call out, "Don’t get back to sleep yet. I am hurt." That shook me awake! Yes, why was he home at this hour?

I went to check and saw him sitting in meditation with his eyes closed. I noticed at once that hanging on his chin were two “icicles.” They were soft to the touch. I noticed his entire face was covered with an oily sheen.

I asked my husband what happened. He didn’t open his eyes but said, “I got burned.”

I found out that the fuel in the furnace had not been consumed, and the fan had stopped working. That forced the smoke back into the boiler room. My husband tried to fix the problem at the same moment that his co-worker turned on the fan. Flame shot out of the furnace, and my husband was directly in its path. The left side of his face caught on fire. He instinctively touched his face, and the skin peeled off. The two “icicles” were solidified oil.

I asked my husband calmly, “What did you think when this happened?” He replied, “Don’t worry. I trust Master. I trust Dafa.” When I heard that, I was deeply comforted.

Master said,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”(“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hongyin Vol. II)

So, we sat in meditation for the next three hours before we went to bed. The next morning, I took a look at my husband’s face. It was shocking! His whole face was swollen. His lips were totally deformed. He didn’t look at all like his former self. Our children were scared to come into the room. Our neighbors dropped in and left quickly. He couldn't open his mouth when we sat down to eat breakfast, but my husband ignored it and kept stuffing food in with his chopsticks.

After breakfast, my husband’s co-worker came by. He was stunned speechless. He said, “It’s all my fault.” I sat him down and reassured him that everything was okay because we are Falun Gong practitioners.

In the past, this co-worker was not receptive when we talked to him about Falun Gong. So I told him, “We practice Falun Gong and live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We do our best to be good people. We will not blame you or try to extort money from you. We have Master to take care of everything.”

The co-worker said, “ But he’s burned. He’ll be disfigured.” So I explained to him about Dafa’s greatness and supernatural ability. I told him about how Dafa is accepted all over the world. I showed him that the Tiananmen self-immolation was just a big lie. I let him watch some truth-clarification videos.

The co-worker listened and took in everything solemnly, but he was still concerned when he was saying good-bye. So I asked him to help out by reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I told him that then for sure my husband would have a speedy recovery. He promised he would.

Not long after, the co-worker returned with some badger seed oil, saying that it was most effective in treating burns. We thanked him but declined to accept the ointment.

He came again on the third day. As soon as he entered our house, he visibly relaxed, because he noticed that my husband’s face was not swollen anymore. He said, “It’s too soon. It’s truly miraculous!”

After seven or eight days, the scabs started to peel off. In half a month, my husband’s entire face was back to normal, with no scar and no trace of the trauma it had been through. The only difference is, his skin has become softer.

During this whole time, we continued studying the Fa and doing the exercises diligently. The entire affair once more gives proof to Dafa’s supernormal power. It also bears witness to Master’s tremendous compassion.

The co-worker finally understood the truth about Dafa. He and his family quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. We remain friends and get along famously.