(Minghui.org) Towards the end of October 2012, my elder brother's grandson developed symptoms of manic depression. He lost interest in school and his studies as a senior high student. He also lost hope and confidence in life. He was filled with hatred, resentment, and misery. As he is the only boy among the grandchildren in our family, we all felt very miserable about his condition.

When my elder brother saw him slash the table with a kitchen knife and then punch out a window pane, he was so shocked that he had a heart attack and almost died. The boy lost interest in everything, including his most favorite hobbies like playing basketball and computer games. He was very confused and would burst out crying while talking about something...... He locked himself up in his room all day long and refused to talk to anyone.

His mother was very worried and she often called me and tearfully told me about him. I told her not to worry and that he would be fine. I also told her to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and ask the boy and the other family members to recite this as well. Later, his mom said, “Aunty, I would have collapsed myself if it hadn't been for Dafa.”

In April 2013, I moved back to the city where they lived and the boy agreed to see me. We watched a Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD together, and that evening I invited him to study the Fa with local practitioners. This is how he was introduced to Falun Dafa. I discussed with fellow practitioners and we agreed to increase the time for Fa study so that we could study at least one lecture a day.

Through Fa study, the boy began to change and became calm and stable. Everything was returning to normal.

As a senior high school student, he had to choose his area of studies for his university education. Because he hadn't attended school for nearly half a year, we thought it would be more practical if he choose something he was good at, such as playing basketball or fine arts. We were surprised when he told us that he wanted to study vocal music, as he was never good at singing and there was no time to prepare for the entrance exam. I tried to persuade him to also learn how to be an MC while preparing for vocal music so that he would have more choices, and training to be a MC is also a bit easier.

He took my advice but was struggling inside. He wanted to learn vocal music but he didn't seem to have enough time to prepare for the entrance exam. He didn't really want to be an MC, either. He was worried and started to indulge himself in computer games. One day he fainted. I said to him: "You must remember you are a Dafa practitioner, and you only listen to what Master says. Don't worry about anything else, just recite, 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' and ask Master to help you. As I had to attend another urgent matter, I left. Twenty minutes later I received a message from him, saying, “I'm fine now. Master has saved me.”

Later he told me that he felt his body was wrapped up in low-level spirits and he felt he was being suffocated. When I told him to ask Master for help and send righteous thoughts, he saw a person coming towards him from far away and he realized it was Master. Master tore up those low-level spirits that were enveloping him and he immediately felt calm and relaxed.

From then on, he studied the Fa and practiced the exercises every day. He also made remarkable progress in his music lessons. His vocal teacher said that it was a pleasure teaching him and he progressed well in every lesson. He also gave up bad habits, such as playing computing games, and being fussy about what he ate and drank. He used to be rather dependent on his mother, but now he is much more independent and regards hardships as joy.

His former sad face is now a smiling one, and instead of being a lonely and unsociable boy, he is now easygoing and polite. He has also started to clarify the facts to people and always conducts himself with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Once his lips were covered with blisters. He looked within and realized that he hadn't cultivated his speech well and said things he shouldn't have said. One evening, he suddenly started to vomit and had diarrhea. His parents were really worried as it was the time when SARS was going around. He told his mom, “Don't worry. Master is cleansing my body.” His mother later told me that she saw him doing the sitting meditation in his room. Half an hour later, he came out and looked normal. He even had two bowls of porridge.

The whole family and friends have witnessed the power of Dafa through the amazing change in this boy.

Last November, students who wanted to specialize in arts started to choose their subjects. One was only allowed to choose one area of study, and he chose vocal music. He had only been tutored for two months by then, but he did extremely well in the exam. His teacher said, “He has been with me for only two months, but he achieved what would have taken others three years to learn!”

Now the young man has been accepted by an arts college just as he wished and enjoys his studies. In his words, “It is Master and Dafa that have saved me and helped me find my true self.”