(Minghui.org) Ms. Lu Xueqin arrived at her trial in a wheelchair on April 22, 2014, after being illegally arrested and tortured. She was physically tied to the wheelchair so that she wouldn’t fall out.

Her husband, shocked upon seeing her condition, shouted in anguish, “All she did was practice Falun Gong. She walked in and she is now like this. How is this different from killing her?” His shouting drew attention from people. Officers from the Domestic Security Division quickly stopped him and blocked Ms. Lu from being seen.

Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Lu Xueqin and Ms. Yuan Shaohua were arrested and detained on May 2, 2013, for re-enacting the torture methods they had suffered in prisons. Ms. Lu became critically ill in detention early this year.

The Qingdao District Court judge canceled their trial after the attorneys refused to an illegal safety inspection.

Court Ignores Requests for Medical Parole

Ms. Lu’s attorney saw her the day before the trial and found her to be extremely weak. She couldn’t even sit for more than ten minutes. She told her attorney that she had needed hospital care repeatedly. The guards at the detention center told her that they had applied for medical parole three times, but the court had not responded to the requests.

Ms. Lu's attorney and family submitted a medical parole request to the court.

Lawyers Refused to Cooperate with Illegal Safety Inspection

According to Article Six of the People’s Court Marshals Safety Inspection Regulation issued by the Supreme People’s Court in 2004, “When conducting safety inspections, marshals should ensure that prosecutors, lawyers, and other personnel perform their duties according to the law, and have valid documents of identification and registration. Marshals should perform personal safety inspection on participants in legal proceedings, and observers, and their carry-on items only, in addition to checking valid documents of identification and registration.”

Therefore, when the court marshals demanded the lawyers of Ms. Lu and Ms. Yuan to submit to a personal safety inspection, the lawyers refused. As a result, the judge canceled the trial at 11:00 a.m.

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