(Minghui.org) In the process of cultivating, besides the conventional thoughts that cultivators have in this secular world, I have come to realize that certain factors from higher levels reside deep inside us and that they are very stubborn.

Some of them are reflections of different levels in the depths of the universe, and some have come from the places where their lives originated. They are protecting the status quo of the levels of their origin very strictly. Since they are part of “formation, stasis, degeneration, destruction,” they came down to this world along with their physical bodies. In this world, they represent their beings, but their standards do not necessarily comply with those of Dafa.

To safeguard their own primary bodies, these factors manipulate societal elements to gain what they pursue using both positive and negative substances. For example, they manipulate compassion, ferocity, fear, desire, and many other human emotions to protect themselves.

As a result, their goals are not pure, because they are made up of selfish elements, including stubbornness, strong attachments, and conventional thinking. They are willing to abandon everything for the sake of their own benefits no matter what. They can hide deeply or anonymously defend themselves when necessary.

These factors are demonstrated in two opposing phenomena in this world. The positive one plays a certain role in protecting Dafa and Dafa disciples. However, we must be clear that the positive phenomenon must meet the requirements of Dafa.

The negative phenomenon, on the other hand, is protective of our attachments and only lets go of certain attachments if it will benefit them. Thus, the negative phenomenon says and does what is good only for them. It seems that they are safeguarding the Fa, when, in truth, they are protecting themselves.

As cultivators we should completely let go of our own self-interest to become selfless, so we can completely assimilate to Dafa.

Everything and everybody are being rectified. Our innate nature and all factors are part of the process of being rectified by the Fa: no one is exempt, and nobody can escape it. The only path is to completely see oneself and empty one's mind, realize who your true self is, unconditionally choose Dafa, and assimilate to it.