(Minghui.org) On April 4, policemen from Xiazhuangzhen and Jiangzhuangzhen Police Stations and Gaomi City Domestic Security Division arrested ten Falun Gong practitioners, including two from Qingdao and eight from Gaomi City. The arrests were carried out under the direction of Weifang City Domestic Security Division. The arrested practitioners were:

• Zhang Menglei (张孟雷) from Qingdao • Chen Guangxia (陈广霞) from Qingdao • Qin Songfa (秦松发) from Gaomi, as well as well as the rest of the list • Xu Xiuzhen (徐秀珍) • Shan Yicheng (单亦成) • Jing Xiuling (荆秀玲) • Xu Li (徐丽) • Du Qihai (杜启海) • Liu Wenming (刘文明) • Wang Zhili (王致利) 

The police had tapped into practitioners' phone calls, and arrested them when practitioners from Qingdao brought Falun Gong materials to those in Gaomi City.

Shan Yicheng

On April 4, Shan Yicheng (also known as Shan Yucheng) was arrested when he was working at a construction site on Changfeng Street in Gaomi. At 5 pm, policemen ransacked his apartment, and took away his computer, television, DVD player, and satellite dish.

Shan Yicheng is now being held in the Maomi City Detention Center, leaving his wife and step son without a source of financial support.

Qin Songfa, Xu Xiuzhen, and Xu Li

On the afternoon of April 4, a dozen policemen broke into Qin Songfa's house and arrested Qin, his wife Xu Xiuzhen, and his niece Xu Li. They also took away Qin's mentally ill daughter, who does not practice Falun Gong.

Policemen ransacked Qin's house, made a big mess, and took away more than ten Falun Gong books, two MP3 players, a radio, and two cell phones.

Later, policemen went to Xu Li's house, broke doors and windows, and searched the house.

Mr. Qin's daughter was released on April 5th. However, she was traumatized and her mental state has been unstable. Since Qin and his wife Xu are jailed, her sister, who has a four-month-old baby, has to travel dozens of miles each day to look after her.

Wang Zhili

Wang Zhili, a practitioner from Lixian Village, Jiangzhuangzhen Town, was arrested by policemen who were waiting for him at his house. The police officers pushed him to the ground and took his key to the house. They searched the house, and took away 9,250 yuan RMB in cash ($1487 US dollars).

Wang was disabled by an explosion at work ten years ago. His head and legs were badly injured. Practicing Falun Gong restored some muscular and nerve function. His parents passed away two years ago, so he lives alone. He is able to take care of himself now, although he still cannot talk or walk very well.

Wang Zhili was held in Jiangzhuangzhen Police Station for the evening, and released the following day.