(Minghui.org) “Are you able to help me quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?” “Please help my entire family quit.” “Folks, come on over! We can quit the Party here!” Falun Gong practitioners who clarify the facts at major attraction sites in Western Europe are hearing such remarks from tourists from China more frequently.

Some have expressed relief at quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations: “Phew, this was the first item on my 'to do' list. Now I can relax and just go sightseeing!”

Chinese tourist traffic to Western Europe has been increasing since the end of 2010. As more and more of them understand the facts about Falun Gong, they are more likely to engage in discussions with practitioners. More are actively seeking practitioners' help to quit the CCP.

Beijing Students: Now I Know the Truth about the Self-Immolation

The University of Cambridge, especially King's College, attracts many tourists, including a large number of students. One day, Ms. Feng, a practitioner volunteer, met a group of students from Beijing.

After telling them about the brutal history of the CCP, Ms. Feng asked them if they would like to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. The students said, “It is true that we hate the CCP, but why did those Falun Gong practitioners burn themselves at Tiananmen Square?”

Ms. Feng acknowledged that it was a very good question and said, “If you look at the history of the CCP, you will know what the Party does to suppress individuals or groups that it does not like: overwhelming, defamatory propaganda. This happened to former CCP leader Liu Shaoqi during the Cultural Revolution. Similarly, when the CCP decided to crack down on Falun Gong, it made up lots of lies to justify the persecution. The staged Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation was one of them. Those people were not practitioners. You can view the movie False Fire and see the many discrepancies.”

The students were very thankful: “We are so happy to meet you here today. Now we know that the self-immolation was a lie.” They registered their names to quit the CCP.

Impressed by Western Practitioners

Frankfurt, Germany, has one of the busiest airports in Europe and hosts many trade fairs and events every year. Practitioners set up a table next to St. Paul's Church to meet Chinese tourists out shopping and dining.

A number of German practitioners help at the site. They usually greet Chinese tourists in Chinese: “Germany welcomes you” or “Please take this Chinese newspaper. It is free!”

Chinese tourists are pleasantly surprised and excited to hear more. German practitioners usually ask them, “Have you quit the Party?” If they say “no,” practitioners will then ask in Chinese, “Why not?”

By the time a Chinese practitioner follows up and gives further facts, the Chinese tourists are much more open to quitting the CCP.

One tourist, an elderly gentleman, was at first unwilling to accept any informational materials. After observing the practitioners for a while, he came up and spoke to a Chinese practitioner: “I saw how the German practitioners were very sincere [when distributing materials and talking to people]. They must sincerely believe Falun Gong is good. That helps me understand why it is important to quit the CCP.” He then asked the practitioner to help him quit the CCP.

Five Stubborn College Students Change

Once there were five Chinese college student tourists. Considering themselves very knowledgeable, they did not listen to the volunteers, accept materials, or quit the CCP.

One practitioner asked them, “Did you know that one and a half million square kilometers of Chinese land was given away?” The students were surprised, “Really? When did this happen?” One of them said, “I read something like that before, but can't remember the details.”

The practitioner then told them how Jiang Zimin, the former Chinese leader, gave away the land to other nations through numerous treaties. The students were very upset. One of them said, “No wonder so many people dislike Jiang—he has done so many bad deeds.”

From the persecution of Falun Gong to the harvesting of organs from living practitioners, the practitioner told them more things that they did not know. He said, “I know you are all clear thinkers, so consider this, if someone makes money by harvesting organs from living, innocent people, will heaven allow it?”

The students were convinced. They thanked the practitioner and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Tourists Share the Facts with Each Other

Once in Lucerne, Switzerland, as practitioners were giving brochures to Chinese tourists, one of the tourists waved them away. He said, “No, I do not believe what these brochures say.” Another tourist said to him, “If you don't, you are hopeless. I often come overseas and have never found any incorrect information in them. It is the news media inside China that misleads and deceives people.” He then thanked the practitioners for their hard work.

The first tourist then accepted a brochure and began to read it.

“Thank You for Telling Us This”

One day practitioner Ms. Chen told two tourists about quitting the CCP. The younger one said he had stopped paying Youth League dues a long time ago. The elderly one said he had not paid his CCP membership dues for quite a while. According to policy, they said, they were no longer part of the CCP anymore.

The practitioner explained to them that everyone swore to devote his or her life to the CCP when he or she joined the Youth League or the Party That meant that simply not paying dues wouldn't really nullify one's association with it. Instead, one has to formally declare his or her desire to quit the CCP organizations.

The two tourists appreciated her explanation and said, “Thank you for telling us.” They said they knew the CCP was bad, but thought it had nothing to do with them. They now knew what to do.