(Minghui.org) As the persecution of Falun Gong in China has plunged into its 15th year, the arrest and harassment of practitioners have not let up.

Under the Chinese Communist Party's policy to “ruin Falun Gong practitioners' reputations, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically,” nothing is deemed excessive when it comes to Falun Gong practitioners.

Pressured by the 610 Office, many law-enforcement personnel have spared no efforts in the arrest and abuse of practitioners. And in their cruelty, they have lost whatever professionalism and conscience they may have had in their pursuit of job security, career advancement, and/or monetary gain.

Zhao Lianke from Liaoning Province, for example, has arrested and mistreated more than 30 local practitioners. Every since he became the Domestic Security Division Chief of Xinbin County in 2008, Zhao has been a big part of the persecution locally.

In March of this year, Zhao directed the arrest of three practitioners. Between March 2011 and June 2012, he sent 11 practitioners to prison and another 11 to labor camps. He also extorted money from three practitioners and directed the harassment of four others.

Recent Arrests

After practitioner Mr. Li Qingsheng distributed Shen Yun DVDs to people near the Nanzamu Railway Station on March 27, 2014, local officers took him to the Nanzamu Police Station. Two other practitioners, Ms. Zhang Yuxia and Ms. Tang Yuting, heard about the arrest and requested his release. However, they were then detained as well.

Zhao Lianke soon arrived at the Nanzamu Police Station. He interrogated Mr. Li and ordered his home ransacked.

When Ms. Tang’s family heard about the incident, they went to the police station to visit her. However, Zhao sent them home and had items from their home confiscated.

The next day, Mr. Li was transferred to the Xinbin Detention Center and Ms. Zhang to the Nangou Detention Center in Fushun City. Ms. Tang was released due to her high blood pressure.

Prior Detentions and Prison Sentences

Zhao and other officers went to Ms. Yao Chongxiu's home on August 9, 2012. Because Ms. Yao refused to open the door, they ordered a locksmith to open it. They then arrested Ms. Zhao and ransacked her home. After keeping her at the Nangou Second Detention Center, officials sentenced her to a 3.5-year prison term.

When police officers saw Ms. Yan Guangling had some calendars that contained Falun Gong information, they arrested her and ransacked her home. Together with Ms. Jiang Zhihui, who was arrested for distributing such calendars, Ms. Yang was sent to the Nangou Detention Center.

When Ms. Wang Hua and three other practitioners distributed calendars that carried Falun Gong information on December 19, 2013, the Pingdingshan Town police arrested them. Zhao and other officers picked them up, and upon returning, sent them to a detention center.

When Benxi City practitioner Ms. Lu Jinyu visited another practitioner on December 30, 2013, Zhao arrested her and took her to the Xinbin Detention Center. After Lu protested with a 15-day hunger strike, Zhao extorted 5,000 yuan from her family and then released her.

Ms. Zhang Guixia and Ms. Qu Guiying went to another town to tell people about Falun Gong on March 9, 2011. After the ladies were reported to the police, they were put in the Nangou Detention Center. Despite efforts from the Xinbin Domestic Security Division, as well the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, this case was rejected by the Fushun Intermediate Court due to lack of evidence.

However, Zhao did not give up. He fabricated more accusations, resubmitted the case, and in the end, both Ms. Zhang Guixia and Ms. Qu were sentenced to four years in prison.

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