Promotions and Sentence Reductions Dependent on Treatment of Practitioners

Guards' promotions and inmates' sentence reductions in Deyang Prison in Sichuan Province depend on how the person treats Falun Gong practitioners.

If they do not abuse practitioners, the guards are demoted or their bonuses are withheld. This motivates most of the guards to actively participate in the abuse.

As for regular inmates, a score of 100 or above means their sentence will be reduced by a year or more. Every five or 10 points means an additional month reduction--up to 120 points. For more points, they have to work overtime and can earn up to a maximum of eight to nine each month. The average is between five and seven points a month, with some earning as low as two or three.

Inmates that participate in abusing practitioners don't need to do any work and easily get 8 points each month. If they can get a practitioner to renounce his belief, they will get an extra 15 to 20 points. If they can't complete their assigned tasks, they lose points. The inmates consequently hate practitioners who don't give up their belief. They use all kinds of tactics to force practitioners to renounce their belief.

Everyone Can Bully Practitioners

Former inmate Wu Keming from the sixth ward was one of the cruelest inmates. He was good at tormenting practitioners and was well-known for this.

“I don't have any other skills, but I am good at torturing people. If someone harms my personal interests, even if it was my own father, I wouldn't hesitate to torture him. I will not hesitate to torture anyone. You can't even imagine what methods I use. I will make you believe that living is worse than death,” said We Keming.

One inmate said to a practitioner, “Practitioners have the most miserable time of it. Everyone can bully you.” He once saw a guard wink at about eight inmates, who started to beat the practitioner. Another time, about six inmates covered a practitioner's head with a quilt and then beat him.

Chain of Command in the Prison

Falun Gong practitioners incarcerated in Deyang Prison are overseen by the prison's own 610 Office system, which includes the deputy director of the prison, the head of the education department, and the deputy managers of each ward. They are in charge and carry out the persecution of practitioners. Every ward has its own 610 Office system run by a deputy manager and a guard. Two inmates, carefully selected by the guards, carry out the tasks.

Two or three inmates monitor each practitioner around the clock, whether they are eating, sleeping, working, or going to the restroom. Practitioners are not allowed to approach, wave at, or talk to each other and are not allowed to do the Falun Gong exercises or say “Falun Dafa is good.”