The CCP Won't Protect You

Mr. Liu is a resident of a small town in Hubei Province. When Falun Dafa practitioners talked to him about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he became angry and said, “The CCP is paying people and gives them money to retire. What is wrong with that?” A practitioner replied, “The party officials do not work on a farm or in a factory. Where did they get the money to pay you? They take both your tax dollars and all the resources of our country and return only a tiny portion to you. The corrupt officials are pocketing billions, and they won't protect you. In fact, you are protecting them. If there is a war, it will be your sons and daughters standing on the front lines, not theirs.”

Mr. Liu suddenly started to cry. He said, “My son died in the Vietnam war and his body could not be found. The government paid me 500 yuan. Now I understand. I must withdraw from the evil CCP!”

Fully Understanding the Need to Quit the CCP

I was clarifying the truth at a shopping center last summer when I met up with an old friend whom I had not seen for several years. Since I knew him well, I asked him directly whether he had heard about the movement to quit the Party. He said he had and then asked me whether I had withdrawn! When I said I had, he asked, “Why?”

I told him that since 1949 the CCP had caused the deaths of 80 million people in our country, "That is more than the total number of people who died during the two world wars. This party has been persecuting practitioners since 1999. It fabricated the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square and tried to incite public hatred towards Falun Dafa. Some Party officials even committed crimes against humanity by their involvement in harvesting organs from practitioners. This evil party will be destroyed by Heaven.”

I asked him, “Do you want to be a member of such an evil party? You are a factory worker. The Party claims that it is for workers. What do you think?” He replied, “It lied to us. The factories are now private companies, and we are temporary or contract-workers. There is no job security and the pay is as low as it can get.”

I said, “How about I give you a nickname to use to withdraw from the Party?” He replied, “Yes, and not just the Party but all its affiliated organizations.” He fully understood why he should withdraw from the evil party.

“Your Teacher Is Truly Great!”

While talking to a saleswoman in a shopping center about quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations, the woman said, “I am a believer in Jesus. There is only one god in Heaven. I don't believe what you said.” I replied, “Heaven is very prosperous. It is not a lonely place with just one god. Teacher told us that Buddhas and gods respect each other. He said that Jesus was a great god.”

She was excited to hear what I said and added, “Your Teacher is truly great.” I continued, “Although we are practitioners, we also respect Jesus. You should also respect our Teacher. Don't listen to the lies from the CCP.” She said, “Of course, of course,” and withdrew from the CCP and all its organizations.

Waiting for Shen Yun to Come to China

Fellow practitioners in our local area, who are responsible for distributing Shen Yun DVDs, told us that people were grateful to get copies of the DVD. Some of them asked, “When will Shen Yun come to China?”

One fellow practitioner went to a crowded gathering place where people were playing games, and asked, “Whoever wants a copy of the Shen Yun DVD, please raise your hand.” Everyone raised his or her hand.

I think after years of watching the Shen Yun DVDs, people have a good understanding of what Falun Dafa is about, and have a positive view of the practice.